Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010.

This Thanksgiving, we packed up the two of us, the babe, and two of the pups and headed to Small Town, SC for dinner with Mr. P's side of the family. We almost always do Thanksgiving with his family since Mr. P works retail and always has to work Black Friday. So no jetting too far away since he works at four am the next day.


The super fun part of moving to a town where you know nobody?

Well there's a lot. But what hit us as we packed up was that we had zero places to take the pups. Fantastic. So they got to hit the road with us.

Fortunately, they do very, very well in the car.

Baby Girl only hit Lacy in the face with a toy once. So that was good times.

One of the best parts about this Thanksgiving, was my brother, Uncle Marine, was actually in town and got to spend the holiday with us. I LOVED having my brother there. This time last year he was in A-stan and it's a true blessing to have him here with us.

End. Before I get all teary.

We spent Wednesday night with them where BG quickly decided she was not going to sleep through the night.

*As an aside; BG is an excellent sleeper, but lately, she will not sleep on the road. Any tips on how to get her to sleep when we travel?!?

The next morning we got up bright and early (seriously BG? seriously??) and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I've really never watched the parade before, but BG loved it and sat right there in my lap for hours (in which she refused to nap) and watched. Mr. P, Uncle Marine, and Uncle K sat with us for a while. I kind of loved just sitting around with my boys and my girl. I'm thinking this may be one of our new traditions. :)

Eventually BG dosed off for a bit; just in time for family to show up. So Mr. P and I headed downstairs to meet up with everyone.

Uncle Marine and I come from a very small family. Like the two of us are the only grandkids. We're a bit spoiled I'll admit, but we're also very used to small, quiet family dinners.

Mr. P's family gets bigger by the minute. I was ridiculously overwhelmed when I first met all of them. It was super fun to watch Uncle M get overwhelmed as they kept coming and coming and coming...


Eventually BG woke up after a very short nap. But as soon as she saw all the people; she was on. There would be no calming down for that girl!

Mr. P, BG, and Uncle Marine

BG with her great-granddad. Clearly she's squirmy..

BG and U.M. He swears she got her eyes from him.

Eventually we sat down to eat. And eat we did. I don't think BG was impressed with her mashed up goo when she saw what we were eating.

Tough luck chick. Maybe when you have more teeth. ;)

Some of her cousins..

After lunch, the boys went to do do what they do best, while the ladies gossiped chatted about kids, school, and how adorable BG is.

For real.

It was such a good time. Somehow I think having a baby around breaks down walls for some people and for the first time in a while, I was able to actually relax and have conversations with some of his family that I haven't before. Plus, she's so darn cute that she just puts people in a better mood! Her aunt and cousins had an absolute blast playing with her all day. I practically had to steal her away from them!

It was an excellent first Thanksgiving for my angel.

Haha! Uncle M got slimed!

I pink puffy heart my little family.

Love this one of BG and the boys.

My best girl. :)

BG was so well behaved all afternoon. She didn't get a nap at all (whose going to sleep when they're getting that much attention?!?), but she didn't make a peep. She was an absolute joy. Everyone was impressed by how good she was.

But eventually she couldn't keep those pretty blue eyes open for a second longer.

She's so precious it hurts.

We packed our little family back in the car and headed back home. As fun as Thanksgiving was, I'm most thankful for just being at home with my family.

Even if home is a bit cramped at the moment. ;)

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful!


Lindsey said...

You guys look so great and I especially love her headband!

amy (metz) walker said...

Great pics! BG's outfit was adorable!

Karah said...

Shes such a cutie. I am glad yall had a great Thanksgiving. xoxo

Hayley said...

Stunning pics! Glad you had a great thanksgiving!

Whitney said...

What cute pictures!!! :) I'm glad y'all had a great time.

A.B. said...

OMG. Look at BG in her smocked dress. Adorable.

LOVE the pictures. Maybe she did get her eyes from UM?? You look fabs!

Brown Girl said...

How come BG is ALWAYS smiling and Mr. Perfect is NEVER smiling, what gives??!

Paige said...

BG is so precious, you can just tell in all of the pictures that she has such a fun little personality! Her dress and big bow area adorable, I just absolutely love it.


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