Saturday, November 6, 2010

the best worst day ever.

Yesterday was a horrible day.

Or it was an absolutely amazing day.


Depends on how you look at it. Some things happened that made it the worst day I've had in a while.

But then some things happened that made it rock.

Yesterday I overslept big time. Being rushed does not do good things to my mood. Add in the fact that our house is half packed and very messy and I can't find jack, and you end up with a very pissed off girl before I've even had a cup pot of coffee.

BG wanted to play with her food instead of eat, wanted to have two dirty diapers in the span of ten minutes, and wanted to play instead of get dressed.

I couldn't find scrubs, couldn't find my keys, and spilled my Cheerio's (which I had to eat out of a measuring cup because I couldn't find a bowl).

Le sigh..

Finally I got the two of us out the door, BG still rocking her pajamas. Got loaded in the car, got behind the wheel, and.. nothing.

My daggum car wouldn't start.

Y'all. I lost it.

I got BG back out of the car and called my Papa to come jump off the car. I was bawling as I waited on him to get there.

So I took BG back to her room to play for a bit and while we were back there...

..she figured out how to crawl!!!!!

And I was there. Which I would have totally missed had my car started.

Not that I'm pleased as punch at my car for sucking at life, but you know, just trying to put it in perspective.

After a day at work in which the computers crashed and clients were in rare form, I got in the car (after having to have it jumped off again- grr) and headed to pick up the little one.

Who was in a glorious mood. Smiling, laughing, and lighting up when she saw me.

I've mentioned before how much I love her right?!

Then last night, my child ate her dinner with no fighting, smiled and laughed through her bath, let me rock her while she rubbed my face, and went to bed little resistance. Where she promptly slept through the night which she hasn't done in weeks.

Sometimes I need a shake up on my perspective on life.

Yesterday was one of those days. So while it was one of the worst days I've had in a while and made me cry multiple times, it was also great.

BG does that.


A.B. said...

Girl, I feel you.

Crazy how everything shifts, there are still crappy days, but a sweet little Angel makes it all a little bit more worth while. Poo on the poopy day. YAY for crawling. SO excited you got to be there for that!

Emily said...

ahhhhh!!!! boo for your car not starting but YAYYA for getting to see her crawl:) God was working in a crazy way:) xoxoxo

Paige said...

Isn't it amazing how things work out that way! I am so glad that you got to see her crawl! What a precious memory! But yuck to all of the bad things that happened too. Hope your weekend is much better =)

Kara said...

I am so glad she is crawling. Mine is getting close! I am sorry about your car! Sounds like last week for me. Somehow I think we live parallel lives. People just shake their heads at me now when I give yet more bad news about my life.

Lauren said...

We could all use a little perspective now and then, huh???

Brown Girl said...

OMG, I feel your pain! I too have eaten out of a measuring cup because of the lack of bowls. How awesome that BG is crawling, she's the most awesome little god daughter??? that I could ever have!!!

emily said...

Sorry your day started out so rough, but glad it picked up for you :) BG is precious!

Anonymous said...

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