Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a year ago.

This time last year, Mr. Perfect and I packed up and headed to Small Town, SC for Thanksgiving.

We had just found out that we were having a precious baby girl the week before. I smiled and rubbed my belly the whole day as family congratulated us and told us they'd been praying.

A year ago I thanked God for how blessed I was and couldn't imagine being any happier than I was in that moment.

Til now. Now as we make that same trip, only this time with my precious seven month old baby girl snoring away in the backseat.

I am so thankful for that little girl. I am so blessed that this is my life.
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Jessica said...

LOVE! Life is good, isn't it :)

Annie said...

how perfect :) have a wonderful thanksgiving hun!!

Paige said...

We have an amazing Lord that continues to bless us more and more. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe trip girl!


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