Monday, November 8, 2010

7 months.

My angel turned seven months old last week.

Le sigh..

As evidenced by this picture, she is all over the place. She won't sit still. Gone are the days of her letting me cuddle her and hold her and rock her. While I love her independence, I miss my baby!

We just went to her six month well visit last week. Lots going on here and so we're a bit behind.. whoops. But at her visit she weighed in at 20.8 pounds and was 28 inches long. She's still topping the charts.

She eats three "meals" a day and takes 4 6 ounce bottles a day. We started food this past month and besides one instance where she didn't seem to care for green beans, we have yet to find a food this kid won't eat. She gets fruit, vegetables, "meat" (which smells vaguely like cat food), oatmeal, and rice cereal. She loves her food.

First time with sweet potatoes- first food!*

She is wearing mostly 9-12 month clothing. Twelve month in most. Nine can be a little snug. :)

She sleeps from 7.30 - 7.30 every night. We are so, so lucky. And we know it. She also takes two naps a day; 9.30 - 11, and then from about 1.30 -3.30.

Here's what you've been up to this past month Baby Girl..

  • You know how to pull the bumper pads in your crib down so that you can see out. No more sneaking in your room to see if you're sleeping!

  • You have taken multiple road trips, including a ten hour one with just your Mom. Which was hard, but a total blast. You are really, really good in the car. Thank goodness since we've spent a ridiculous portion of this past month on the road!

  • You can go every direction in your walker now. And fast.

  • You can get from sitting to on your belly on your own.

  • You are so good at grabbing toys, going after them, picking them up, and transferring them from hand to hand. At the moment, your toy laptop and the soccer ball are big time favorites of yours.

  • You very clearly say "dada" and "mama" but still not in relation to us. The race is on to see who gets called their respective name first!

  • You celebrated Halloween with multiple Halloween related activities; pumpkin patch, pumpkin painting/carving, and trick-or-treating. You had a blast with everything. We might have had more fun than you!

  • You went to visit both sets of grandparents this past month. Recap still in the work on those...

  • We discovered you are so going to be a soccer player. :)

  • You are slightly obsessed with your soccer ball rattle. It has surpassed Sophie in the favorite toy category by far. You will not put it down. And you will cry if we take it from you. Hard. Which is why it is in so many pictures from this past month.

  • While we were at Nonny & Pops a couple weeks ago, you completely destroyed your excellent sleeping streak. You were up every hour, fighting sleep, getting up ridiculously early, and tossing and turning all night. It was a disaster. I couldn't figure out what you're deal was. Then a few days later when we were home again, we noticed how red and swollen your bottom gums were and a few days later on your 7 month birthday, your bottom two teeth broke through. That would explain it!

  • We haven't had too many problems with separation anxiety except for a few times at night. When you are really tired or you don't feel well, you only want me to hold you. And I love it. But you're fine when we drop you off at the Kyndal's and the church nursery.

  • You are still such a happy, happy baby.

  • You are obsessed with the webcam. Every time we sit down to Skype, you are all about getting the camera. The people we Skype with literally see little fingers coming at them for the duration of the call.

  • You still love bath time.

  • During your nighttime/bedtime routine, we clean out your ears and brush your hair. You love it. Literally during those two things is the only time you are still all day.

  • You are a pro at the sippy cup and at holding your bottle.

  • You make us smile every single day little one. You joy is infectious and you can literally turn our worst days into a great one. We are so, so blessed by you angel.


    Brown Girl said...

    BG is the prettiest little girl ever. And she's a way better dresser than I am. Sad but true. Happy 7 months sweet little girl!!

    Newlywed Next Door said...

    Gosh, BG is getting SO much personality! I love it! I love that pic of her crawling under the crib she's like "what, mom?"

    I love that she's so big! I was a big baby. You must have crazy strong arms now.

    I want to Skype with BG and see lil fingers! :)

    Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

    she is just the cutest! and seems like the happiest baby ever :)

    Meg said...

    She is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. So precious! Love the brown/pink outfit! =)

    Heather said...

    Such cuteness!! I bet her smiles light up a room!! :)

    Laura said...

    She's growing up too fast!!! So adorable still though. She's going to be a cute little soccer player!

    Rachel said...

    She is so pretty and CUTE! Love that pic of her scooting backwards under the crib :)


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