Thursday, November 4, 2010

halloween recap- part. 2

*you can read about the first part of BG's first Halloween here*

After BG woke up from her afternoon nap, it was time to get her in her costume and go meet up with some friends to do some trick-or-treating.

Now I may be biased (ha!), but I'm pretty sure this is the cutest little duck I have ever seen..

I could just eat her up!

We went by my grandparents first so she could get her first piece of Halloween candy. In her super generic pumpkin tote. Blah. But I forgot to order her the cute monogrammed one. Then I forgot to get her one at all. I had to run in to K-Mart (shudders) on the way to trick-or-treat. I may have pushed a kid out of the aisle to get the. last. one. Or I may not have. You'll never know.

Back to my story.

We went and got us BG some candy.

Then made our rounds around the neighborhood for everyone to "ooh" and "ahh" over her.

Finally we headed out to meet up with some friends and get down to business. We decided to go trick-or-treating with our friend, KP, and her sister in law and family. We had a great time. Nonny went with us as well as my bestie, AP. There were a ton of kids out. I haven't seen that many in years. It was so much fun. Even though carrying around my 20 pound duck had me sweating buckets. All in good fun right?

After a while, it was clear the girls were getting super cranky.

And so were the babies.

So we decided to hoof it back to my friend Liz's house for some refreshments.

And pictures duh.

We had such a good time. I'm so glad that we have friends to do all this fun stuff with. I know BG won't remember it, but I'm so glad that even in the midst of the chaos that is our lives right now, we still put her and her activities first.

And I'd say she had a pretty good time....


A.B. said...

OMG BG is the cutest duck ever. I think it's the tights, the cheeks, and the cuteness.

And you're tiny'sville. Gorg.

Hayley said...

Oh my word, she is too cute!!!!

Brown Girl said...

OMG, love love love it!!! She is so adorable. She always looks so happy!

Bonnie said...

What a cute little duckie! Looks like she had a good time!

Jill said...

you are totally not biased, she really IS the cutest little duck ever!

Virginia Belle said...

She is too cute! LOVE the costume, it is perfect and so original!

Emily said...

ahhhh!! so cute:)

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

uh yea! definitely the cutest duck ever!


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