Monday, October 4, 2010

6 months.

Can we just talk about the fact that it is somehow October? I feel like I just wrote a five month recap. What happened to September?!

My child is 6 months old. How did that happen?

She's been with us for half a year. 26 weeks. Six months.


She is changing so much every single day. Only thing that hasn't changed; she is still the happiest, most laid back baby I have ever seen. She laughs and smiles 95% of the time that she is awake. Her crying this past month has basically been non-existent. We had one night where she wouldn't stop crying. We pulled out all the teething tricks to help her out, but eventually she just tired herself out. One night. In one month.

She is still an excellent sleeper. She goes to bed by 8:30 every night and sleeps til 7:30 every morning. Sometimes she still wakes up about 5, but will talk herself back to sleep. She usually takes two naps a day. First one from 9:30 till about 11 or 11:30, and second one from 1:30 to about 3:30.

She eats cereal twice a day; breakfast and dinner. And gets four 6.5 ounce bottles a day. We're fixing to add some food to her diet now that she's six months.

Her six month appointment isn't for a few more days so I took her up to the clinic to weigh her and came up with 20 pounds even. And about 27 inches long. She's a big girl! And I love it!!

Let's see what else Baby Girl has been up to this month...

  • She is so aware of the animals. Especially the cat. She stares them down and reaches out to pet them anytime they walk by. She is starting to go after Ace in the walker. Kind of cracks me up.

  • You still love your walker. You can't walk forward yet, but you can jump it forward. You are a rock star at going backwards. Got that direction down pat!

  • You jump like a mad person in your jumper. It is hilarious!

  • You now reach out for your Dad and I. It makes me melt.

  • Your separation anxiety has chilled out a bit, but you obviously still prefer to be with us. If someone tries to get you and you don't want to go to them, you will nuzzle your head up against us and turn from them. I love how much you love us.

  • You still love to stroke our faces, but more often than not, you grab them instead. It hurts. Bad.

  • You reach for our hands and hold them.

  • You are completely sitting on your own. You can reach for toys, pull them to you, and protect yourself when you fall. You are such a big girl!

  • You talk so much. You talk in your bed, when you're eating, and all the time while hanging out with us. You still don't talk much around others.. I don't know where that shy bone came from! You say "dadada" the most. I keep trying to tell your Dad that until you use it in relation to him, it doesn't count as your first word!

  • You have started this squealing thing and. it. is. horrible. It is so high and so shrill. I can just about feel my brain vibrating when you do it. But I know you are just discovering your vocal cords so we allow it. But girl, Mariah ain't got nothing on you...

  • *It gets much, much louder people...*

  • You sit in your vibrating chair and feed yourself. However, I still prefer to feed you so I only let you do this when we're in a hurry and I'm still trying to get ready.

  • You've pretty much got this food thing down pat. But you are so, so distracted while eating. Everything around you catches your attention and makes feeding you take forever.

  • You love everyone. It may take you a minute to warm up to them, but you are so happy and so sweet with everyone. Every time we pick you up from the nursery, we are told what a good, happy baby you are. You are such a joy!

  • You are so good in restaurants. You now always sit in a high chair and eat your bottle while we eat. Then you play with Sophie. We feel no anxiety about taking you out to eat.

  • We are seeing the beginning of small "fits". If we take a toy away, or if something is out of your reach and you want it, you will do that squealing thing or just start screaming. We're working on "no" with you now. So far you're not interested in hearing it!

  • You are still trying to figure out the crawling thing. You can now push yourself backwards, but no forward movement yet. I don't think it will be long. You get both arms and feet moving, but not together yet. I am okay with this!

  • You wake up in the best mood. We go in there to get you when we hear you start "singing". Once we get you up, you just start smiling and giggling. I wish I could wake up with even an ounce of your happiness!

  • You were fighting going to sleep for a few weeks, but we moved your dinner time back closer to your bed and it fixed that. You now eat, bathe, then read and rock with Mama and then go right to bed. I love bed time. I love that quiet time with you.

  • You roll wherever you want to go.

  • You've been introduced to college football. You cheer for the Dawgs with your Mama and the Clemson Tigers with Daddy. We watch the SEC at this house more often though! Unfortunately, the Dawgs aren't having the best season for you, but we'll cheer for them anyway. For now.

  • You went back to the doctor as an "emergency" for your ears. You woke up one morning with a red, swollen left ear that appeared to have some drainage. Of course we freaked. It was nothing. But you were so well behaved. I have a feeling we are becoming "those" parents. Oh well.

  • You are obsessed with Sophie. Seriously you absolutely light up when we bring her to you. She is never very far away.

  • You made your first shoe shopping trip this past month.

  • You went to your first birthday party! Your friend Gabby turned one and you were the belle of the party!

  • You laugh so hard. Your laugh is my favorite sound on the planet.

  • You are perfectly content to play by yourself for a while. Usually in the morning, we put you in your room after breakfast, and you play by yourself while we finish getting ready. You do very well for a while. But you always love it when we come back to get you.

  • You love bath time. Your Daddy bathes you every night that he's home and that is y'alls time. You love your rubber ducky toys. Of course you tend to swallow a lot of water going after them...

  • You are such a joy to us little angel. You will never understand how happy you make us! We love you forever!


    Ashley said...

    Oh my goodness, those cheeks!! I can't get over them, love it! ou can tell that she is the happiest baby ever, all those sweet smiles!

    No Longer Newlyweds. said...

    Um. I could eat her.
    And, it's so sweet to hear B with her. =)
    He's a great Daddy!

    Kassie said...

    I love that picture where you're holding her up and looking at her. So sweet. :)

    Belle on Heels said...

    GORGEOUS family, lady!!

    Meg said...

    Man..I love her chubby little cheeks. So cute!

    Lauren said...

    She is the CUTEST thing!! :)

    Muffy said...

    SO CUTE!!!!!

    Newlywed Next Door said...

    Gah! She is so cute. You're so blessed to have such a cute, happy, healthy baby! Loved this post.

    Carolyn said...

    She is so incredibly cute! I just want to eat her cheeks!


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