Sunday, October 3, 2010

a visit with Nonny & Pops.

**ETA: Uh so I'm actually another month behind. Whoops. My parents came to visit in August, but I really wanted to get these pictures on here!!**

Last month (behind much?!), my parents came down to spend a few days with us Baby Girl (who am I kidding? People don't come to see us anymore!).

I took a few days off to spend time with them while they were here and we had a blast. Baby Girl is quite the fan of entertaining people, so most of our time was spent watching her, but we did manage to get out some and do some galivanting.

We made it to Babies-r-us where my Mom found this horrible singing toy. After a while though, we were sucked in by them and spent 20 minutes playing with them and entertaining the little one.

As scary as those things were, we ended up buying the yellow one. You can't help it. They grow on you.

We discovered that BG really likes when you pop up and say "Boo!". She makes us laugh hysterically.

We went over to KP's house that night to let Mom and Dad watch BG and Kathryn together. They're a trip.

The next day we got up and decided to go buy BG a walker. Before we left, we tried on one of my old outfits on her. She is such a mess! She was having a blast! Of course that tired her out so she had to take a little siesta first..

We finally headed to look at walkers. We let her try this one out a little bit. I cannot even believe I let her feet touch the ground...

The next day, I had to go in to the office for a few hours, so BG spent the day with Nonny and Pops. They came up to visit me at the office and eat lunch before running some errands. It was BG's first outing with out me. From what I hear, she had a blast.

After running a few errands, they came home and had a blast playing for hours.

They must have worn Pops out because we had to wake him up to go to dinner that night. She's definitely a handful!

The next day Mom and Dad kept the babe again so Mr. Perfect and I could run a few errands...

BG has a habit of being a ridiculously good baby when people are in town and no one seems to believe my stories of her epic meltdowns.


While Mom and Dad had her, it came upon nap time. Now for me? BG will take a nap. Maybe not for long, but nine times out of ten I can get her to take a nap. Other people? Not so much. She will not go to sleep for them.

Of course when she doesn't go to sleep, she will melt down.

And melt down she did.

Things were all well and good while it was play time..

But then she got tired..

My poor parents. They tried everything. Mom even walked around the babe in my robe thinking my scent might help..

I think she finally gave in and slept for about .5 seconds. Poor Mom and Dad..

The next day, Nonny & Pops got up and went to church with BG and I while Mr. P put in a few hours at work.
She was a doll of course and just hung out and watched football on the big screen while we ate. I am so glad I managed to birth a child who understands our love of eating out and is well behaved enough to let us do that. Often!

When we got home, we put BG in her "80's aerobics instructor" outfit and spend the afternoon taking pictures and just hanging out. Nonny made BG a mobile for her crib so we had to check that out...

BG wasn't so sure what she thought about her new mobile at first. But after awhile, I'm pretty sure she was okay with it.

Nonny and Pops took BG shopping right before they left and she scored an awesome walker. Of course, she had to test drive a few first..

We had such a good time with them. It stinks they live so far away, but it sure does make their visits fun and action packed. We can't wait to see them again!!


A.B. said...

She is ADORABLE! I'm glad you posted, even if late.

I LOVE her aerobics instructor outfit!

Brown Girl said...

Ella is just a precious little angel, I love her!!!

Kassie said...

I swear, BG has just the most expresive face on a baby ever!! You know just what that little babe is thinking. ;)

the complex blog said...

Hello, this is Complex, took a while for me to get my blog set up, found you through Becca, {Camp Grace counselor}. Im glad you liked my rubberband man video, I look forward to following your blog as I hope you do mine ! - God bless.


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