Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Home again, home again jiggety jig.

Or something like that.

We're home.

I'm tired.

BG managed to somehow pick up a cold. Somewhere between Walterboro and here. Fantastic.

I've filled the gas tank in the truck 9 times in 5 days.

We've been to Annapolis, Virginia, Greenville, Walterboro, and so many stops on the way in 5 days.

I've peed holding a 20 pound baby too many times to count.


Don't care.

I am exhausted.

I just opened my Reader and almost cried. I will catch up.

I already miss my hubs.


I think we found a house in SC. And I saw an incredible rainbow on the way home. And my child seems to know she is home and went straight to bed with no fighting.

My good sleeper may have returned!

All is well...


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Returning home is always a good feeling :-) I hope that things turn out well with the house!!!

Ashley said...

You guys have been so busy travelling! Poor BG with her cold, but glad you're back home and can hopefully relax a little. That's great that you might have found a house! Is that the only thing keeoing you from being able to get out there with Mr. P?

Lauren said...

YAY for finding a house!!!! :)

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Haha...peeing holding a 20 lb! Sounds like fun! ;)

Virginia Belle said...

I can definitely relate to the feeling of opening your reader after days/weeks of being away from home and being completely overwhelmed! I'm sure it's a relief to find your new home! Good luck with the whole moving process!

Becca said...

Exciting about finding a house! ;-) yay!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Girl you must be drained! But SO excited for you with the house situation!! Hope y'all are doing well.
P.S. Just wanted to mention I can't believe you did a post without a pic of BG in it...why do you think I come here?! :)


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