Monday, April 11, 2011

12 months

**this somehow posted the other day before I was finished (grr Blogger... or user error whatever), so here's the actual post**

My dearest Baby Girl, you are now one year old!!!!

I wish I could tell you how much we have loved this first year with you. You have grown from a tiny blob of a newborn to a rambunctious, happy, all over the place one year old. You make us laugh constantly. You also keep us on our toes, but I secretly love it. I love that you are outgoing and energetic and fiercely independent. You are such a joy to be around and I sincerely hope that you are always as happy as you are right now.

Not sure of your height or weight but we'll find out next year at your one year check up. You are wearing 18 month and some 24 month clothing. You wear a size four diaper during the day and at night. You wear a size 4 1/2 wide shoe.

You are rocking some light brown hair and you still have the bluest eyes I've ever seen. I used to really want them to turn green like your Mama's but I'm good with blue. They're just plain gorgeous.

Here's what you've been up to this past month:

  • You are getting one 6 ounce bottle a day at bedtime. You get formula in a sippy cup for breakfast and lunch. You take juice in a sippy for an afternoon snack. You are strictly on table food. You have zero interest in any baby food. You love ham and cheese on tortillas, green beans, avacados, cheese, and any type of bread. For breakfast you usually eat an egg yolk and a bagel with cream cheese. You are a good eater!

  • This month we've struggled a bit with nap time. As in, you aren't having it. You still sleep from about 7:30-8:30 or so. You sometimes go down for a nap around 10-11:30 and then again at 2:30-4:30. Of course that's in a perfect world.

  • You still aren't walking and don't seem wildly interested in it. You will stand on your own for a few seconds if we let go of your hands, or if you let go of something, but as soon as you realize you're not holding on to anything, you sit down.

  • You've started attempting to climb. You climb in and out of your chair and your latest fascination is trying to climb on top of the Pooh table.

  • You LOVE music and the minute you hear music you start dancing. It is so, so cute.

  • You are terrified of dolls that laugh or giggle or make really loud funny noises. And I do mean terrified. You take off crawling across the room bawling. It's funny. In a I just terrified my child sort of way..

  • You celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day.

  • You adore your Daddy. When he gets home, you light up and squeal "Dada!". If you're on the ground, you take off crawling towards him. Melts my heart.

  • You might be a complete Daddy's girl, but you adore me. You throw yourself in my lap, rub your head on my shoulder, and latch on to me like a spider monkey if you're scared or upset or something. And there is still no one else you'd rather be with when you're upset.

  • You've started panting when you see a dog. You'll point and say "dog" and then start panting. It is the cutest thing on the planet.

  • You still say "Mama", "Dada", "du" (duck), "dah" dog, "ba" (ball), "boo" (book), and "no". You have started saying "uh oh" and you use it a lot. You just started throwing things down and saying "uh oh". It's cute, but it gets old!

  • You try to put your socks and shoes on. You've been helping us get you dressed for a while, but that's new.

  • We can ask you "Where's Lacy?" and you'll point at her. We can also ask "Where's Kit Kat?" and you get a big 'ol grin on your face and say "ki kat ki kat!!".

  • You started doing your duck face.

  • You went to the zoo for the first time.

  • You started blowing kisses. Melt. My. Heart.

  • Happy Birthday my little love!!! You are our world!

    And just for fun... a look back.


    Bonnie said...

    I love her duck face, HA HA HA!!! Happy Birthday sweet angel!

    LG said...

    Great post! i wish that collage were bigger so I could see her pictures better! She is so dang cute and expressive!

    The Shabby Princess said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Your little girl is soooo cute!! I love this post!

    Emily said...

    Oh my goodness:) her kissy face is the cutest thing I have ever seen:) Come visit us:)
    We need to always text daily:)

    Our Baby "D" said...

    She is just the cutest! And that duck face...precious.

    Jenna's said...

    She is precious!! I love that ducky face, so cute!! Happy 12 months!

    Sara said...

    Oh my goodness, she is stinking adorable! Love that face! Great pictures. Happy 1st birthday!!

    Legallyblondemel said...

    That duck face is just too much. And that's quite an impressive vocabulary for a 12-month-old!

    I totally know what you mean about your babe wanting mama when she's scared; as much as my guy loves his Dada too, I love that he looks to me for comfort when he's upset.


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