Monday, April 4, 2011

project 365: week 13- birthday week edition

Sunday, March 27th:

Between the excitement of birthday week and the constant teething process in this household, somebody was putting up a big time sleep strike this past week. Hint; it wasn't this girl. After a night of no sleep and skipping an early nap, I put cranky pants down for a lunch time nap (yes, still in her pajamas at noon), where she proceeded to holler (not cry) for an hour. When she suddenly got quiet, I went in to investigate and saw this. Silly, silly child.

Monday, March 28th:

I had outfits planned for each day this week (yep, I'm that Mom), but the weather threw a big 'ol wrench in my plans with her ridiculously cold weather. Gone were my skirts and tutus and I had to scrounge for pants. These clearly don't match but the girl has one pair of jeans that (kind of) fit and I had to wash them for the next day. But can we just talk about that belly?!?

Tuesday, March 29th:

That smile = everything.

Wednesday, March 30th:

She LOVES her chair. She's in and out, in and out all day long. I managed to catch her in a still minute.

Attitude much?! Is this my preview of the teenage years???

Thursday, March 31st:

Somehow in the madness of trying to finish packing and get everyone on the road to Savannah on time, I forgot to take a picture. Fortunately, Mr. P snapped this one of BG running around with her water in a t-shirt and a diaper while we packed up. Nice look on her huh?

Friday, April 1st:

BG's new face. She cracks me up. She walks around like this, and if she gets aggravated she squints at you while puckering up. She's a mess.

Saturday, April 2nd:

BG wearing the dress I wore on my first birthday. Clearly she's a bit bigger than me as it's basically a t-shirt on her.

I could just nom all over those thighs.. Gosh I love her.


Lauren said...

ADORABLE!!!!!! :)

LG said...

That attitude picture is priceless!! So funny and cute! Save it forever!

Nishehe said...

Aww.. she looks adorable.. very very cute too

Pearl said...

The attitude picture reminds me of the duck face all the young girls do now. Too funny. (Did I just say young girl? Lawd, I am getting old)

Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl!

I am so sorry we missed the party :(

The Shabby Princess said...

Ummm, she has the BEST smile!


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