Tuesday, April 19, 2011

life this side of one.

I've never been a huge fan of the term "terrible two's". It's just a bad description in my book. Plus, saying two would imply that it doesn't happen until year two and from what I'm experiencing currently with BG, that is so not the case.

I've said before that I haven't really been sad as she's gotten older and gone from being my little newborn to a toddler. Each phase has been so much fun and she's such a cool kid that I'm loving watching her grow and learn.


This current phase is kicking my tail.

BG is becoming a fiercely independent little creature. She doesn't want to be held (unless she comes to you for that), she doesn't want her diaper changed (or she just enjoys being hog tied in order for me to do so), she doesn't want help eating (if she eats); it's like the smallest little thing becomes an epic battle.

And y'all.. she's ONE.

At the end of the day, I don't know whether to fall on the couch out of sheer exhaustion, go to bed to psyche myself up to do it all over the next day, or grab a bottle of wine and sob over it. Not even kidding. I am worn out.

A phone conversation with a good friend made me feel a bit better when she reminded me that they all do this, and so far no parent has fallen over dead and some even have another child. This is normal. Freaking hard, but normal.

BG isn't walking yet. From what her pediatrician told me, he thinks this a confidence issue with her and not a "not ready" issue. She's at the point where she wants to walk everywhere. Every. Where. When she can't walk, ie: when I don't have hands to hold on to her hands with, she loses it. We're talking full on tantrum where she's red faced and I'm pitting out like I just ran a marathon as I try to get the heck out of dodge with a quickness. Fun right?

Because while I am of the mindset that you ignore a tantrum, you can't do that when you're surrounded by people. Or you could, but they might stone you. Not worth it.

My baby is growing up. The screams, the tears, the throwing herself on the floor (I kid you not), the lack of cuddles, they all point to that fact. Le sigh...

And while life on this side of one is, ahem, a tad difficult, it is just a phase.

Must find patience...


A.B. said...

She looks so angelic!!

Girl, I'm dealing with that at 9 months. Fo realz. Cheers.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I think Emeline isn't going to be walking by 1 either...she has the ability, not the confidence...she'd rather crawl. And I'm not ready for all that tantrum stuff..but I have started to find just this week she is a lot more testy, and even whiny when I leave the room for a second. Sigh.

Gaby said...

Ugh totally feel you on that. Andrew has been throwing tantrums since 8 months and if im not on the floor playing then as soon as i leave for a minute the whine fest begins. Sigh. I'm praying for better days for you and me !

Erica said...

Sweetie I could have WRITTEN this post. We've had tantrums that I didn't know were even possible, and K is 15 months. Luckily (and I hope this is the case for you too) the "bad" or difficult phases pass in a week or two, and then don't return for a month or two! Hang in there dear!

The Shabby Princess said...

Oh goodness, from what my mother tells me, your little BG sounds just like me when I was little. My poor mother. i know I will pay for it when I have children, no doubt. But, hey, at least she's darn cute, right?

Oh, and my mom used to bribe me with fruit snacks--no joke. It worked like a charm. Still does, actually.... ;)

Legallyblondemel said...

Sending you good thoughts for both energy & patience - and failing that, ready availability of good wine. Those days where you just want to fall into bed / a vat of wine / have 5 seconds to yourself are so rough.

I read somewhere recently that our job as parents from the minute our babies pop out is to teach them how to be independent, but seems to me they make a concerted effort all on their own from around 8 months on!


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