Saturday, April 9, 2011

53 weeks

Every week for the past year I've gotten an email telling me what to expect that week. I loved those things. I felt like I knew what I had ahead of me for the next few days.

So I opened my email this morning looking for that email and guess what? it wasn't there.

There is no guide for what happens in week 53.

I sure hope these people don't think I know what I'm doing now. I hope they don't think "well she made it 52 weeks, she's got this now". I spent all night last night Googling "how much milk does a one year old need?" because I'm clueless.

Y'all. I have a toddler. Is there an instruction manual for this?!


A.B. said...

You should start sending me weekly updates.

I do feel a bit better knowing that you were getting emails. I, for the life of me, am done with "weeks". no clue. hellooooooooooo bad parenting.

Melanee said... they will give you updates, but i don't think weekly anymore (sad i know), but monthly.

jill said... does send updates. i just got one for my guy, 23months 3weeks...sad, my boy is going to be 2. the what to expect books has one for 'the second year' or 'toddler years'...not sure.
my pediatrician says 3 cups a day of 6-8oz...but we break the rules at our house.

Meghan said...

gerber and pampers do monthly updates as well!


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