Sunday, April 17, 2011

ice-cream Sunday

You like what I did there?

I'm so funny. Har de har har.

Last week, Mr. P and I introduced BG to her very first Dirt Sundae. Somehow Mr. P had zero clue what that was (hello? did you have a childhood?!), but I remember loving them so I couldn't wait to let BG try one.

It was a raging mess success.

So today after church, I made a little stop for another sundae since I BG had a big 'ol hankering for some ice cream. I just stripped her down and let her eat it on the porch to avoid the clean up. Then I let the dogs lick her clean to avoid the bath.

Kidding... maybe.

Looks like someone got Mama's sweet tooth.


Lindsey said...

I could eat her. She looks that good. And the pic of her and hubs together? framer.

Allison @ I heart Change said...

That picture of her and your husband together is hilarious!

Suze said...

love some dirt sundaes too!

BG is absolutely adorable and definately frame the pic of your hubs and her absolutely precious!!!!!

have a great evening!

A Cajun Belle said...

Oh my! She's adorable!

Sara said...

Oh my goodnes, these pictures are FABULOUS!! She is so cute! I definitely think the dirt was a big hit!

Anonymous said...

This makes my craving for ice cream increase exponentially. I also wish I could get as dirty as BG while eating my ice cream, because there are some days I would LOVE to just PUT MY FACE IN THE BOWL of ice cream and go to town!

A.B. said...

Whoa! I can't wait for G to be able to eat ice cream so we can stalk it in the house, you know, for when he NEEDS it.

LG said...

OMG I love those pictures! She is Sooooo adorbs!! I like your plan to eat outside and let the dogs take care of the mess! I shall copy it! My dogchildren are great at cleaning up messes

Emily said...

oh my gosh! She just gets cuter and cuter.. how is that possible! love her and you:)

Annie said...

haha!! i love this!! looks like BG really enjoyed her delicious treats!!
maybe she could eat her next one in the bathtub ;)

The Shabby Princess said...

Hahahah! Ok, so, funny story about the dirt sundae--my preschool teacher made them and told us they were real dirt, so, of course, believing the authority figure (why would my teacher lie to me?!) I cried and cried and refused to eat it because oh my gosh, you don't eat dirt!! Until I saw that everyone else was eating them.

How has your hubs not had a dirt sundae before?!?!

Legallyblondemel said...

Too, too adorable.

Also, why have I not thought of putting the high chair on the porch before??? Thank you, friend.


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