Monday, July 11, 2011

15 months

I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that my sweet tiny little baby is fifteen months old. I mean, I just had her right?!

I have to say, I thought month ten was my absolute favorite, but this stage absolutely rocks. Baby Girl is just so, so much fun and an absolute delight to be around. I cannot get enough of her!

So what have you been up to this month little one?

Your Daddy took you to your fifteen month check up last week and your doctor confirmed that you are doing excellent. You're still in the 95% percentile for height and weight. The doc was very impressed with where you are developmentally. I think he was surprised by how much you talk! Obviously he doesn't know your mother...

Your word count grows by the day. You will pretty much attempt to say any word we say now. The words you've got down pat are "book", "ball", "doggie", "dat" (cat), "Dash" (Cash), "Yacy" (Lacy), "Ace" , "Mama", "Daddy", "Pop Pop" (my Dad), "phone", "hello" (herro), "doll", "bath", "bow", "shoe", "wawa" (water), "juice", "cup", "WubWub" (paci), "no no", "yesh" (yes), "milk", "block", "hot", and "thank you". Our house is NEVER silent.

You LOVE to be chased. You just laugh and laugh. And you love to come find us. You also just started kicking when we pick you up. Your poor Dad got the bad end of that stick the other night. Ouch.

This month you have stepped up the "giving love" game a ton. You come running at us to give hugs, nestle your head into our shoulders when we hold you, and pat us on the back while hugging us. You are stingy with your kisses though. Usually when we ask you to give us kisses, you give us your forehead and then laugh. You're a mess.

You've found the toilet. Enough said.

You've also found the dogs' water bowl and the cat's food. Enough said.

After your second day of daycare, I looked over and you had your finger in your nose. I was horrified. You laughed. Great.

You've started doing this fake laugh thing that cracks us up. Whenever everyone is laughing at you, you throw your head back and do this loud fake laugh then check to make sure we're all still looking. You love doing this. I really think we might have a class clown on our hands.

You've taken a new interest in books this month. You still won't sit still for a story at bed time, but during the day you'll go pick out a book and bring it to us to sit in our lap while we read it to you. You'll also sit down by yourself and just look through them if we shut you in a room with them. If you aren't shut in, you won't sit still long enough.

You still will not sit still for tv. At all. You might last five minutes if we give you snacks but that's rare. You're just not a fan.

You started going to daycare this month and you don't seem to mind other than you hate getting up that early. Sorry kiddo. It is hard for me to leave you when you're looking at me saying "Mama", but most of the time I walk in, set you down, and then don't see you again as you're already into fifty different things. You must keep your sitter super busy.

You're pretty picky about food. If you think it's too hot, you'll tell us and then throw it down. If you don't like something, you wrinkle up your face and then stick your tongue out and let it slide down. One day you'll love something, the next hate it. Avacados still seem to be a favorite. You never turn them down.

You want to do everything by yourself. You pretty much refuse help. This includes feeding, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, washing yourself, etc. It's fun to watch you try, but it's oh so messy.

You've taken to "cleaning". You pull wipes out of your container and wipe down surfaces. It's actually hilarious (although very expensive). I walked into the living room the other day to find you surrounded by the wipes that should've been in your diaper bag, and steady wiping the floor. I need to get you a mop.

You are obsessed with keys. Unfortunately you like to take them and disappear with them. I actually have no clue where mine are right now. Not cool.

You're also obsessed with pens. If there's a pen anywhere in sight, you have to hold it. Nine times out of ten, you're walking around with a pen (don't crucify me people, I know, I know..).

You are an amazing sleeper. You go to bed by 7:30/8 each night and sleep til 8:30/9. Getting you up for daycare is a chore. You love your sleep! You still take two naps a day, but your afternoon one is getting iffy. I think it's time to start pushing the morning one back a bit.

You never quit moving. Seriously, I've never in my life seen a child move so much. Even your sitter said something after your first day with her about how you just never want to sit down. I should weigh ten pounds. For real.

You are such a funny, independent, sweet girl and I am loving seeing who you are becoming each day. I love that I am still the most important person to you (Daddy is a very, very close second) and I hope that we keep this bond forever. You're my little sidekick sweet girl. Mama loves you forever.


Length: Doctor's office got around 32 inches, but we get longer. I'm going by our though because you sit still for us and you don't for them.

Weight: Around twenty eight pounds.

Sleep: 12-14 hours at night, two naps a day usually around 1 1/2 hours in the am and 2 (maybe) in the afternoon.

Clothes: Mostly size 18 months but quickly moving into 24 month.

Diapers: Size 4 during the day, 5 at night.

Shoe Size: 5 1/2 W


Anonymous said...

She is growing like a weed! Love the polka dot outfit too btw.

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Wow. She is so adorable. We go to Jude's 15 month appointment in 2 days. I think E is still a bit bigger than him. We love ya'll.

Jillian said...

She is so flipping adorable!! I just want to hug her!! She is perfect and beautiful!!

Ashley said...

Happy 15 months to one of the cutest girls I've ever seen! She is so, so precious and I love reading about her little personality. You're only an hour and a half away from me, girl, so I'm gonna have to meet that cutie in person one day! (And you, of course!)

Heather said...

Excellent! She is a real cutie!!! I love kids that don't sit still. Active kids are so much fun!

LG said...

sweet sweet girl! she can talk really well!


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