Sunday, July 17, 2011

project 365: week 28

Sunday, July 10th:

Just hanging out watching a little Baby Einstein while running around like a crazy person.
Monday, July 11th:

Tuesday, July 12th:

I was trying to get a picture of how absolutely adorable my child is when she sleeps, but she heard me and sat bolt upright in bed. Way to wake a sleeping babe woman.
Wednesday, July 13th:

BG likes to take our hands and use us to grab food on her plate to put in her mouth. She's not always a huge fan of getting her hands messy. This night she also figured out that she could get us to pick up the food and then she could stab it with a fork out of our fingers to eat. Poor Mr. P's hand...
Thursday, July 14th:

This is why we can't have sweets in our house. This was a full cake just the night before. Nice huh?
Friday, July 15th:

BG obviously wasn't feeling well which is why she decided to sit down and watch some tv with Mom before bed time. I was eating it up. This never happens.
Saturday, July 16th:

My little rocker baby.


Suze said...

Ummm she's got to be one of the cutest babies . legit. Def a rockstar too oh my word! hehe love it. Oh and the cake , i have a very bad sweet tooth too so it'd be gone in no time! LOL. Hope you've had a great weekend! I want to hear about the photography business how building the portfolios going :) Been wondering how you've been doing! you are awesome lady! :)

Tiff said...

I love the rocker look. I only get the good love when T doesn't feel well... So jeals of BTB, he always gets the good love.

That cake looks so yummy! Do you ever get cake from the sweetery? I totally blame them for not being able to lose the baby weight. :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Cake disappears this quickly at my house. I love snuggling with JDaniel too.

Melanee said...

love the headband! and her little curls in the back are so cute!

Ben and Emily said...

Diggin the rock start look!

I too cannot keep sweets in the house. At least it wasn't all gone though! It would've been at my house...ha!


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