Sunday, July 10, 2011

project 365: week 27

Sunday, July 3rd:

BG decided that she needed Daddy's hat on to fully enjoy the fireworks.

Monday, July 4th:

This is the face you get when you don't let a very active toddler out of the stroller to run around the streets of downtown. She was not impressed.

Tuesday, July 5th:

I was trying to get a picture of the little and her Daddy while at the playplace the other day. Apparently someone else had other plans...

Wednesday, July 6th:

Taking her pictures for her 15 month post (still yet to be published, oops).

Thursday, July 7th:

This going back to work thing is apparently tough on all of us. My child is so not a morning person so getting up early is apparently kicking her tail. I wait until the last possible minute to get her up but the other day as I was finishing getting us ready to go, I looked in the kitchen and saw this; she'd taken her blankie, Wubbie, and Max and tried to go back to sleep. Drama queen much?

Friday, July 8th:

BG and I took a little nature walk around the park the other day. I love that she's old enough to actually just go on a walk with me. She's at such a fun age. I then tried to turn it into a run which almost killed me. Apparently walking is more my speed in this heat..

Saturday, July 9th:

Helping her Daddy in the kitchen. I adore these two.

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