Monday, July 25, 2011

so that's what's up.

Things change in literally the blink of an eye when you have a kid.

I'm still pretty sure that it was just, oh, last week that BG was this tiny, little baby that let me rock her to sleep and love on her to my heart's content.

Of course that was actually like a million years ago because the kid that lives here now is somehow a full blown toddler.

So what's Baby Girl up to these days?

Good grief. What isn't she up to?

She likes to play with her dolls. A lot. She still hates the one that squeals and laughs really loud. She's completely terrified of it. But her other one? She loves. She's started putting her to "night night" in the Moses basket and tucking her in with her "blankie" (which she then pulls off with a vengeance and disappears with).

She prefers adults to kids. She would rather walk around with me than go play with other kids. Which is completely fine with me because when it's just the two of us, she'd rather be alone.

The exception to that rule...

The mall play place is her favorite. It's the one place where she just goes crazy with other kids. The minute we get there, she no longer has a Mom. I just sit to the side and wait for her to tire out.

She is really LOUD. Shocker since I'm the quietest person ever (ha!). She especially likes to stretch her pipes at the dinner table. Conversations are pretty non-existent these days as it sucks to tell a story in multiple different parts with toddler interruptions.

She is so, so funny. And she knows it. If she makes you laugh, she'll throw her head back and let out this "chuckle". It is absolutely the cutest thing ever. She'll then proceed to do whatever it is over and over and over just to keep you laughing.

She no longer just walks wherever she's heading; she is full on running. Usually while screaming. She likes to gather up a lot of speed and then head straight for your knees. Which she thinks is hysterical.

As her sitter says, she has two speeds; full out and comatose. That's it. She's either going full speed ahead or she's asleep. There's no middle ground. I don't know how she isn't the tiniest kid on the planet with the way she moves.

We just turned her carseat around yesterday because she couldn't even straighten out anymore. She is a BIG fan of her new view. She just sits back there with this little smile on her face just looking around. Car rides are so much more pleasant now!

So that's what's going on over here. Basically my baby is becoming a full on toddler right before my eyes. Or she already did that and I just haven't come to terms with it. Sigh..

Oh.. and she's deathly allergic to mosquitoes in case you couldn't tell by her legs in these pictures. :(


Jillian said...

I was looking at pictures of Em when A was born and she has drastically changed:( too fast!!

A.B. said...

G is like one second behind BG in the running wild class. Tell her to get ready because he'll be emailing or texting her in no time.

Angie said...

She is so pretty! What a little sweetie pie :)

Layla is allergic to mosquitoes too. It is terrible...they itch like mad and swell so big. I hate it for her.

Kara said...

Sweet baby girl! I love her legs!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

She is so cute :-) I'm amazed at how quickly they grow and change. Joe is 6 weeks old tomorrow, and I cannot believe it! They grow up in a skinny minute!

Ashley said...

Oh my, that last picture! Love! Especially that little curl behind her ear :) I am amazed at how quickly their personalities come out. If I were you, I'd be going to that mall play place every day! :)

Lucy Marie said...

What a busy girl! My niece has a baby doll that cries or laughs or something (it's strange, unnatural noise) and Eva is SO scared of it. She was playing with it once, and accidentally pressed the noise button and started shaking and scooted over to meto hide. Now, she inches her way closer and closer to the doll until she's almost to it, and then "runs" (crawls) away. It's kind of funny, actually. It's like she's magnetically drawn to it despite her fear. Dare devil I guess?

LAURA said...

what cute pictures and I love her sweet dress! I'm so excited to be having a girl soon, and hearing the stories of her baby dolls makes me crack up!

It's scary just how fast each month goes by. I can't believe I am a Mommy to a 2 1/2 year old now! I remember my husband and I looking at each other after our son Ryder turned 2 and saying "do we say 26 months now?" ha!

She looks like such a happy baby girl :)



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