Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a legacy.

Yesterday was an odd day for me.

I was ridiculously overwhelmed with stuff at work, missing home and friends like crazy, frustrated at situations beyond my control, and exasperated by the tantrums that have plagued our house as of late.

Sometimes I lose my cool with my daughter. I admit it.

Last night, Mr. P had to take her while I covered my ears unable to listen to one more high pitched squeal. I can't take it.

Fortunately I co-parent with the most amazing person on the planet. Where I am weak, he's literally strong. When I can't take the whining (seriously, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me), he steps in. When he loses patience over her asserting her independence, I step in because I so admire that trait and have more patience in guiding it.

I have zero clue what this little girl is going to grow up to be. Zero. Fortunately I believe that He does and I get to just watch as she becomes who she is already destined to become. I do hope though that her father and I pass onto her so many things through the way we are and the way we live.

I hope that she someday finds a man that makes her laugh and chases her around the house til she's crying with giggles like her father does me. I hope she sees him hug me and kiss me and know that's what a marriage should be. I hope she finds someone that she can bicker and carry on with and then laugh at how ridiculous they both are being.

I hope she's as hardworking as her father. I hope she has the drive to succeed that's instilled in him. I hope she has the fierce love for her family that he has for his.

I hope she laughs like I do. I hope it's loud and obnoxious and so joyful that others around her laugh with her just because its physically impossible for them not too. I hope people flock to her just because she's such a joy to be around.

I hope she has my book smarts and her father's common sense. I hope that she, unlike her Mom, can keep up with her keys, phone, and purse daily, but if she can't, I hope she can laugh at herself and promise to put them in the "same place next time" just like me.

I hope that she loves the Lord. I pray daily that she never struggles the way I did. I pray that she's never that broken or having to search that hard for the love that is right in front of her. I hope she gets up every day and reads the Bible her Dad leaves laying on the couch after his morning quiet time or the one I leave laying wherever I plopped down with my coffee. I hope she thirsts for that word and enjoys going to church with us each week.

I hope she has the heart her Dad has for other people and the one I have for animals. I hope she fights for the underdog like I do, sees the good in people like I do, but has the wisdom to see the bad n them like her father does. I hope she's slow to anger like her Dad and bites her tongue way better than her Mom.

Most of all, I hope she's happy. I hope the laughter that rings through this house gets into her bones. I hope she carries out her days with a peace that comes with the confidence in knowing that she is awesome. I hope she's secure in who she is and where she's heading.

I hope more than anything that she stays my best friend. I hope she stays her Daddy's "Princess. I hope that she stays faithful to the Lord. I hope that we leave an amazing legacy for her that she's proud to live up to.


Lauren said...

This is just beyond beautiful and you can just see the heart that went into these words. She is blessed to have y'all!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, girl! You are just amazing! You have one lucky little girl to have a momma like you! And I know when she's old enough to understand she will feel beyond blessed to have grown up the way you will let her!

Jillian said...

I hope that my daughter stay my best friend too:)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful team you and your husband make!

Anonymous said...

This, by far, is my favorite post you have ever written. I love the brutal honesty. You seem like a truly wonderful mother. Don't beat yourself up over small things. I'm glad you have a great co-parent to help you when you need. Your little girl is so lucky to have you and she will be so happy when she grows up and realizes exactly that. Beautiful post today.

Gina said...

It's so nice to have a fantastic hubs, right? Just tonight, mine got home and saw that I was beyond stressed and exhausted and took over completely. Glad you get to experience that too.

The Kinards! said...

absolutely beautiful!!!! enjoy reading your blog! my daughter just turned 10 mths & i feel like you just wrote my heart on paper! :) what a lovely family you have. she is blessed to have you as her mom!!

LG said...

That was seriously so touching and SO sweet! I am 100% sure she will have all of those wishes because the best way to learn is through example and she's got one hell of a good set of parents! I think , personally that having a great marriage is one of the most important things in life and she is totally gonna want what she learned at home! Good job momma!
PS your blog has been rockin my face off lately!


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