Tuesday, January 22, 2013

an update.

A bit of what's been going on lately.

I mentioned that right before Christmas, we spent an evening in the ER with Nursemaid's Elbow and then a couple of days later, noticed BG was rocking a fever. Well that kept up, so on Christmas Eve, we headed back up to the ER where she was diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia. Good times.

So she was one sick kiddo on Christmas. Mr. P ended up catching either the flu or some 24 hour thing, because he was also down for the count on Christmas. Fortunately he bounced back pretty quick, but BG has been "off" since.

We've battled breathing issues with her for a while now. We've been told numerous times that she has Reactive Airway Disease and she's been doing treatments for that for about two years now. I'm assuming the pneumonia triggered her RAD because she's been getting progressively worse for weeks now.

On Saturday, Mr. P and BG took a long walk through the woods and she stopped him numerous times and told him that she "needed to breathe Daddy". He ended up carrying her home and through the day Saturday, her cough flared up again and she got progressively worse.

By Sunday morning, she couldn't catch her breath she was coughing so hard and she just plain looked awful. So we aborted our trip to church and instead headed to Urgent care where she was diagnosed as having a full on asthma attack.

According to the doctor at Urgent Care, these frequent coughing fits she has have probably all been asthma attacks. I had no clue. I too have asthma problems, but an attack for me leaves me gasping for air and feeling like I can't breathe at all; not coughing. I felt awful for not getting this.

So we're following up with her doctor and treating her as if she does asthma. We're trying to figure out her triggers (anyone want a cat?? we think he may be one :(), we're trying new meds to see which ones might keep an attack at bay, and we're adding in fast acting inhalers for her to take to school and such. This bums me out big time as I don't want this to be a limitation on her.

Moms of toddlers/children with asthma: how did you figure out their "triggers"? We also think physical activity is one because after ten minutes of hard core play yesterday, she was in another full blown attack. But how do you keep a toddler calm?! This is so frustrating.

I can't wait for summer. Please let this sickness end.

Other than the asthma thing, BG is doing really well. She is growing way too fast and every single day I see less toddler and more little girl. I'll do an update on her soon.
I've been pretty blah lately and I really feel like I've been having some food issues. I've been working to cut out some items as I tend to have migraines and wake up feeling "hungover" if I eat certain things. Chinese food almost did me in the other night. Pretzels seem to be pretty hard on me and the dumplings Mr. P made the other night made my eye feel like it was about to explode.

I've convinced myself that it's time to go to the doctor and get a full work up done. Turning 30 as well as some other factors have me convinced I'm not as young as I once was. I constantly feel like I'm in a fog (only way I can describe it) and I've noticed some circulation issues. So it's off to the doctor I go. Once I make the appointment that is.

I've got some pretty big changes on the job front but I'm not blogging about that yet as I haven't gotten up the courage to make a few necessary steps. I should work on that.

We are settling in quite nicely in Florence and have even started thinking about looking for houses here. Now if we decide to buy instead of rent, well... I'm not sure we are quite there yet, but it wouldn't break our hearts to stay a while.

Things are good. Everyone is happy and (mostly) healthy. I guess that's about all we can ask for right? :)


Vanessa Miller said...

I hope you get the asthma issue worked out. That has to be tough! Love the picture on the potty!

Dan and Liz said...

Sounds like you could very well be gluten intolerant...at last a little. I'm the same way and cut out all gluten and live a primal life (marksdailyapple.com) and feel better, with more energy and sleep far better than i ever have in my life.....just by eliminating the things that make me feel gross!
Just thought I'd mention it. She is too cute on the potty, BTW :)

Samantha said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE toddler on the potty shots. They're hilarious every time! I hope BG feels better soon. I also hope you get your medical issues tackled as well!

Virginia Belle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about BG's RAD flare up. I can't imagine how scary that has to be for you. I can't believe how much she's grown. I love that last picture, she's so cute and sassy! Good luck with the potential job changes!

Lindsey said...

Hey girl- I am so sorry things have been going so rough for you! You are far to sweet to have anything like this going on. I suffer from horrific migraines too and one thing I just recently (like 2 weeks ago) tried to see if it could make a difference, just on a whim was going gluten-free. I heard it possibly could help with migraines so I'm trying it- just throwing it out there, definitely not trying to be pushy at all- I don't even know if it will work for me lol! But I feel your pain and wish pain free days asap! xoxox

The Macons said...

I had asthma as a child. They called it exercise induced asthma and I only had attacks when I ran, played, and acted like a kid :/ They have just started treating my 2.5 yr old for asthma with the same symptoms as BG. The constant coughing was making me crazy! She is doing 2 puffs of pro-air and 2 puffs of Quvar a day. What are they doing for BG? Hope it gets better, it sucks!

Anna TTIL said...

Oh no! I hope you get answers for BG and yourself soon. I know that's got to be distressing. I'm glad you're liking Florence! :)

Kara said...

I hate to hear Ella has had asthma trouble. That broke my heart. Hope she feels better and you get answers.

Anonymous said...

I never realized the coughing had anything to do with breathing issues either until a friend from church kept coughing during service. I offered to get her something to drink but she said it was her COPD. Don't beat yourself up over not knowing. How would anyone know that if no one ever warned you? We only want the best for our children and we tend to feel guilty for one thing or another, or we're beating ourselves up or second guessing ourselves. You're doing a great job!

Karen in MD

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

Cass has asthma. It came on a few years ago, and we've since figured out what makes hers worse.

Winter. Allergies. Exercise. So in winter, I carry her inhaler all the time. Mid-february, I start her on an allergy medication regimen of zyrtec during the day, and benadryl at night.

Also. Check the air quality ratings in the spring and summer. If it's in the orange or red zone, stay inside. Kids with asthma don't handle it well when the air quality is poor.


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