Friday, January 11, 2013

maryland: the trip's end.

You can read about the rest of our trip here, here, and here.

After our crazy New Years Eve, the parents of the little ones were dragging (to say the least) on New Years Day. So it was low key. And that's putting it mildly. My parents' neighbors came over for a little while to visit and attempt a family photo for us, but a certain toddler wasn't having it so that didn't go so well. Uncle M, the SIL, and I finally felt human enough that evening to go do a bit of shopping but even that wore me out.

Thirty is not so kind in some ways no?

The next day was our last day in Maryland. We spent the morning lazing around and just soaking in the last few moments of everyone being together. Unfortunately a certain toddler was once again, not having it, so her mood in the pictures is pretty evident. Toddlers are weird.

We had been telling BG about the beach just down from my parent's house the whole trip but had yet to make it down there, so we decided to hit it on the way out. It was bitter cold. BITTER, but I still attempted a family shot for grins and giggles.

And because I'm insane.

I asked my brother to try and get a good picture of me and the little while we were out there. That didn't happen. This next sequence can be called "Bipolar Toddler". She refused a picture and wiggled her way to the ground, but the second I attempted to walk away, she wanted to be picked up. I'll say it again; toddlers are SO weird.

All too soon it was time to be trapped in the backseat with two cranky kiddos for 8 hours the drive home, so we packed it up and headed back to Carolina. We were all spent, including the girls, so the trip seemed to take even longer to get home than it was to get up there. But we made it. I made the little brother get back in the back for a bit while I drove, but that lasted about five minutes. Both girls were hollering while he played on his phone and I tried to shush them from the drivers seat. Men are special.....

The trip was a blast. It was so much fun to have almost everyone together in one place. Next time though, I'm not getting stuck in the backseat with both kiddos on both trips.

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Virginia Belle said...

It looks like you had a great trip. It's so nice that everyone was able to get together for the holidays. I am obsessed with your little one's pink coat. Her in it is the cutest thing ever!


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