Wednesday, January 30, 2013

so what?

So What Wednesday

So what if I haven't linked up with Shannon in forever? I missed it and there's no time like the present to jump right back in right? This weed I'm saying "so what if.."

- I sent my kid to school today just so that I'd have 8 uninterrupted hours to get stuff done. But not important stuff, computer stuff. As in I'm sitting here at 3:30 pm still unshowered and haven't moved all day. But I'm almost caught up editing and posting pictures and knocking out a few blog posts. So yay.

- I just ordered BG's one year photo book. She'll be three in 2 months. Yea.

- I have lost all motivation to run again. The problem is that I can't just hop out my front door and start going. It kills me that I have to get in the car and drive somewhere to run. I can talk myself out of going way too easily knowing I have to get in the car.

- I still have Christmas gifts that need to be sent out. Oops.

- I am already ridiculously excited for St. Patrick's Day. KP and I ordered the girls' outfits yesterday and I am out of mind excited for this years festivities. It's almost March right?!

- I can't quit eating chocolate frosting. Add that to the not running and it's just not pretty. What is wrong with me?!

- I'm headed to Charlotte in a couple of weeks for a week and I am ready to go like now. So looking forward to a week of fun (and work, but whatever).

- I'm kind of ready to go get my kid and head to the park even though I'm not completely done with my to-do list. Must. Stay. Focused.


SEL said...

Eight hours of uninterrupted anything sounds amazing right now. But if I sent M out for that long, I'd go crazy missing her the entire time. I just know it.

The way I looked at working out was this: the workout you don't want to do is the one you need the most. It worked every single time. Plus, I never regretted working out/running. ;)

A.B. said...

8 hours? I die at the things I could get done. I'd totally send her.

Frosting shmosting. You're going to the park. That burns calories.

Elizabeth said...

I've been working on Addison's 1st year photo book for what seems like forever...maybe I'll actually get it completed before she turns two. :)

amyevolving said...

Hey friend! Good to "catch up" with you. When is work going to send you to ATL for a week?!? :)

amyevolving said...

Hi friend! Good to "catch up" with you. When is work going to send you to ATL for a week?!? Wishful thinking :)


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