Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow

First off... Have you been outside?!? It's daggum cold! I suppose I shouldn't complain seeing as how I live in the Deep South and it's still about 50 degrees or so but.... It's just so rainy and gross. Perfect weather to sleep through, not such perfect weather to work with animals in. Oh well...

So tomorrow we have our post-op appointment. I'm pretty nervous but at the same time so ready for it. I'm hoping he'll have some answers for us but I do realize all the results from the pathologist probably aren't in yet. I'm just ready to have some knowledge in my car so we can plan our next step.

Lacy wanted to thank those of you that gave her a compliment. =) She's a huge fan of hearing how cute she is! I told her it was probably time to introduce everyone to her brothers but I think she'd prefer to finish out the week all about her!

I'm having a hard time being witty right now. I think I'll feel better after tomorrow when my thoughts aren't only on one thing... Keep us in your prayers tomorrow please...

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