Friday, January 9, 2009


I thought I'd take this moment to introduce you to only the sweetest baby girl in the world! I know she's a little hairy but she's simply the cutest little thing I've ever seen! This is my Lacy Lou. You can call her Lacy. As you can she is simply the sweetest, friendliest thing you will ever meet. When Mr. Perfect and I got engaged we also got a dog. He picked him out and we named him Duke. He traveled back and forth between where I lived and where Mr. Perfect lived until we got married and we all 3 settled down in Myrtle Beach, SC. I loved that dog so much and spent all my time with him. No job at the beach. =( Three months after we got married, Mr. Perfect took a job in the big old Midwest and little Duke couldn't live in the temporary apt with us. .::insert sad, teary face here::. So off to Maryland with my parents he went. No job for this girl in Missouri for a while either. I was so bummed out with Mr. Perfect always working and my friends and family so far away. Well Mr. Perfect came home on my 23rd birthday with the best present ever!!

Would you look at that baby?!? Because we still were in that lovely temporary apartment (where dogs weren't allowed), Lacy couldn't be loud AT ALL and the only thing that kept her quiet at nite was her mama. =) So for weeks I slept on the bathroom floor with my girl to keep her calm. Needless to say she quickly became my heart. We got Duke back about 2 months later and I had my two babies again! But that little girl is my heart! She's just like her mama with her attitude and stubborn disposition.. probably why we get along so well! I just love my girl! Hands down best birthday present ever! Little Lacy is over 3 now but she'll always be my baby!


Anonymous said...

Aww... I'm glad you and your family are all together! :0)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Look at your sweet puppy!


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