Tuesday, June 9, 2009

how did we not know about this?

How are the Mr. and I so behind on this?!

We signed up, ok he did, on Saturday. There were movies waiting for me when I got home today.

It's like Christmas.

We just watched "Taken". Absolutely fantastic movie. If you don't agree.. you should watch it again, because clearly you didn't pay enough attention the first time.

I kid...

I quickly signed up to get the first season of True Blood. I simply have to see what all the fuss is about! I plan on hibernating this weekend in front of the television.

Kind of like last weekend. Geez. I'm getting lazy!

In Fit Train news, I have a training program that I started on Monday and so far so good.

It is only Tuesday though...

Two miles on Monday, elliptical today, and back out for two more miles tomorrow. Got to start somewhere right?!?

My pup went to the doctor and has a UTI. Why did I laugh when the doc said that?! Because I am a child and thought back to what Cosmo so clearly states; you should use the bathroom after *ahem intercourse to prevent uti's.

Clearly Duke didn't get the memo.

And if that's not true and I really didn't read that, well don't tell me. I really can't believe I'm still talking about this...


Mojito Maven said...

you are going to LOVE True Blood!!! Have you ready any of the books? If not, you should definitely go get them! They are seriously addicting.

Mojito Maven said...

P.S. I am sure this is old news but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog layout! So fun.

MissJody said...

Oh my gosh "excerise Queen" Geez!
Make us look reeeeeeal bad.
Jillian Michaels kicked my hiney!!
How DO you do it?
You are my goddess..

Heather said...

You are going to love Trueblood!!! The books by Charlaine Harris are even better still. Enjoy!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

You'll have to share what Trueblood is like, maybe? I keep hearing about it!

My name is Megan... said...

love getting movies in the mail! uti ? poor thing! you crack me up..potty after intercourse :) duh puppy! haha

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

we really liked taken=)!! awesome job workin' out girl!

Enginerd said...

true blood = fan-freakin'-tastic. like, i'm going to stand outside of peoples' windows and watch their hbo like a creepster because we have disconnected our cable. that's how addicting true blood is.

Anonymous said...

True Blood is so good! I just finished watching the first season a second time...can't wait for the new season to start Sunday!!


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