Friday, June 26, 2009

We said Goodbye to the King of Pop a while ago..

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Yesterday while booking it on the treadmill, my cell phone lights up. So I pick it up and read a Tweet that says something like "omg. Michael Jackson what??". I put my phone back down and think how odd that was. Back to booking it and my phone lights up again. Two new messages. I open them and read that Michael Jackson is dead.

I stopped running and yelled "WHAT?!".

Then I had to grab the bar and pull myself up because the treadmill never quit moving. Seriously, Twitter almost killed me.

After I stopped the treadmill, I look at my friend Donner who was running next to me (doing my best to ignore everyone staring at the weirdo who almost fell off the t-mill) and tell her Michael is dead. She doesn't believe me. So I call the Mr. at home and find out it's true. My daggum town wasn't even reporting on it yet!!

It's sad. What's even sadder is when I signed on to Facebook and see statuses about little boys sleeping well at nite now. Gross and uncool. Show some respect. This goes back to how sad I am that my generation missed another icon. I love his music. Love it. But I didn't until I was older and by that time he was a "freak". It's sad that for people my age when you hear Michael's name, it's more likely to pull forth an image of him holding a baby over a balcony or showing up to court in pajamas than a man moonwalking across a stage. The thing is, we will never see another like him. What he did for music and for videos is something that will never be done again. For that I am sad.

At the same time, we said good-bye to the "King of Pop" years ago. Call it what you want, but in this last decade, he has not been the Michael Jackson that graced us with "P.Y.T", "Beat It", or "Rock With You". But respect should be given for his reign in pop culture and I for one was sad to see him go- years ago.

R.I.P Michael Jackson. Your music was and will always be amazing.

My fave...


jlc said...

Hahah YES!!!! i found out via facebook!!

So interesting how we get our news these days!!

MissJody said...

I'm a die hard MJ fan :)
I will miss his music..:(


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