Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

When you can't drag your behind out of bed on Monday even after turning off the alarm 3 times and having the husband call you from work... You know you had a good weekend.

When you realize you have no idea where your car keys are and you have to call your husband at work to come bring you the spare... You know you had a LONG weekend.

Oh Monday. How I loathe you.

I had an excellent weekend. The bff from college and her current roommate came down on Thursday nite. Of course they got here ridiculously late and woke up my 3 monsters but.. I forgive easy.

On Friday, I was stuck doing the 9-5 thing (blah), but Ash & L went driving around downtown looking for jobs. Ash is planning on possibly (the heat may have flushed this idea!) moving down to Coastal Town, GA in the near future, so she was looking for jobs doing hair in the area. They drove around most of the day on Friday and from what she told me, she actually has a couple of solid leads.

Of course I came home to major complaints about the traffic in this town. Duh. It's a tourist's hey day in the summer. Driving Downtown is about as fun as having a cavity filled sans novacaine.

Friday nite we headed out with some of my friends here in town for my friend Turstal's birthday. We headed to one of the local bars out in the Hill (a nearby town) for some drinks. Somehow I forgot my camera so I had to "borrow" these from Ash's comp.

Ash, L, & I @ Augie's

I decided to be the DD of the nite and Ash & L took every advantage of that! Jerks. Oh drunk girls.. how fun you are... We didn't stay too long at Augies. Ash & L hadn't eaten, so the 3 of us headed to La Nop for some oh so tasty Mexican.

And some tequilla for those two. And by some I mean buckets.

My friend Lee came out and hung out with us for a bit. I haven't seen her in a coon's age!

Lee and I

Ash & I trying to teach L not to have an "awkward smile". These were our nominees for how she should smile. Super attractive huh?

They had a mariachi band playing that quickly decided we were by far the coolest people in the restaurant, so they came over and gave us a bit of a free concert. Don't worry.. Ash & L gave them free dance lessons!

I ended up with a sombrero... They ended up with free tequila shots.

Right before I dragged them out of there and took them back to meet up with Turstal. We totally closed the restaurant down. And yes.. that would be our waitress now hanging out with us.

I finally got Ash & L home about 2 in the morning. This was after we headed downtown and hit up Smiles and 309 (I am so ashamed we went in there!) because Ash decided she needed to shake her "bad girl parts". I think that means butt. Oh I hope!!

I didn't get to spend a lot of time with Turs because our 2 groups just weren't meshing well so I'm taking her to lunch tomorrow just me and her. No crazy shenanigans that way!

On Saturday the girls slept LATE (shocker) so I headed to lunch with my grandparents and aunt for her birthday. Then when I got home they were finally up; barely coherent, but up. I let Ash cut my hair for the second time ever and lived to tell about it. Funny story: back in college I let Ash cut my hair our freshman year. It was actually her first cut ever. Now I'm not picky at all, so I just wanted a straight across trim. I got that. Of course when she pulled the scissors away, my shirt flopped down. She had cut it straight across the back! She just figured I had really thick hair!! I've never let her live that down and I've never let her cut my hair since. But she did on Saturday and I lurve it! After the big cut of 2doubleoh9, us ladies rocked out with some serious Guitar Hero til the Mr. came home. He and I left for Charleston late that afternoon and I have no idea what the girls got into. My house is still standing and the pups are still breathing. That was all I asked for!

We spent the rest of the weekend in Charleston for my goddaughter's 2nd birthday. I'm still going through the pictures from that so I'll save that post for tomorrow. Hope you all survived your Mondays!!


Enginerd said...

i've never been bestowed a sombrero, even in a drunken stooper. obviously i have to add this to my 101 list. it seems like it falls under lifetime goals really.

looks like you had a fab time though!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

you look so cute!!!

Jennifer said...

You look so pretty in these pictures! I was going to let you know that I thought about you the other day and how you almost stepped on a snake when running. I took Lucky out on a walk on Sunday and right at the end of our street was a curled up dead snake. Lucky was trying to get at it, but I turned around and walked home. I think our walk lasted about 5 minutes that day!

Lindsey said...

Hahaha great photos!!!

Saskia said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend (apart from the nightmarish traffic that is!)

Looking forward to see the photos of your goddaughter's birthday!

Have a great day xx

MissJody said...

Ahhh! Looks like you had good times with good friends!

I'll be moving to da SOUTH myself!
Can't turning back now.:)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

sounded like you girls had a great time, so fun, cute pics! the haircut story was so funny!

Megan said...

SO fun that your friend might move to your town!!


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