Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Unproductive weekend numero dos has come and gone.

May I please have one more?!?

It has reached ridiculous hot here in Coastal Town, GA. We couldn't even muster up the desire to try and go do anything and you would break a sweat getting ready, so no point actually. Saturday nite we went and got Subway and watched tv. Whoa.. slow down on the activity kiddos.

I watched Season 1 of True Blood most of the weekend. I am determined to finish the rest of it before next week's episode. I've heard such great things about this so this is one bandwagon I'm jumping on. What did everyone think of last nite's episode?

Sunday afternoon after church, we took the two boy dogs to my grandparents to go swimming. Lacy isn't a huge fan so we left her at the house.

I'm still waiting to see what she chews up for that move of ours.

It was ridiculous hot but the boys (mostly) loved swimming! Of course we couldn't slow Duke down. We'd pull him back up on the dock and before we could stand up he'd be back in the water. Cash wasn't a huge fan. Could be because the Mr. decided to just toss him in. I was not happy. Neither was Cash. He sat at the top of the deck for the rest of the time and just watched us. I had to jump in eventually. It was either that or melt into a puddle.

Trying to get Duke to chill out for a minute. It so didn't work.

Drying them off with a quick game of fetch.

Perfect Sunday afternoon. Hanging out on my grandparents back porch is one of my Top 5 Happy Places. There is truly nothing better than a bit of "back porch sittin'".

I had a BAD run this afternoon when I got home from work. This was my long day where I'm literally on my feet for 10 hours. I have horrible knees so I'm always hurting by the time I leave. But I came home and headed out. It was still 96 degrees here at seven o' clock tonite and I could hardly breathe. I was miserable for the entire 3 miles. My legs hurt, I was drenched in sweat, and I literally felt like I was trying to swallow air. But, I did it. I guess I was due for a horrible run.

I have a little wish list for my runs. I need to get a charger so I can get my little Garmin buddy up and running. I've had this thing for years, but haven't used it since the last time I was running seriously 3 years ago. I also must have (these are a necessity Mr. Perfect!) a new pair of running shoes. Mine are about shot and are giving me zero support.

I also want a new Ipod. Mine hasn't worked right since it quit on me during my first race. Yep, I've been running without one. I have no idea how you do it jlc! I can run without it but I seriously need some distracting. I truly think the music helps me run better.

I also want (geez I'm like a child) some new running clothes. These I'm making myself earn. I bought a couple of nice running shorts when I hit 3 months of solid running so I guess I'll buy some more in a few more weeks. I'm sucking it up and getting the shoes first. Do any of you runners out there have any shoe suggestions? I have very long, medium width feet with VERY high arches. I also have HORRIBLE joints from years of sports injuries so that's all got to be considered. Any suggestions would be fab.

That's it folks. My bed is seriously calling my name.


My name is Megan... said...

pretty pics :) glad you had a relaxing weekend! I watched ALL of season one of true blood was a rainy day here. Today, I tried running too. SOOOOO hot and humid. ick!

MissJody said...

Christmas should come early for you this year, my friend!:)

Nice pictures!! :)

Hayley said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!

I am loving TrueBlood aswell.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I used to live down in Knoxville, TN and man when summer hit, there was no doubt about it. That humidty made my hair grow like 5 sizes every summer. No wonder people like their hair big in the south...

Blame it on humidity. Looks like a great weekend.

emily said...

1. sitting on a back porch drinking sweet tea sounds WONDERFUL.

2. I cannot run w/o my ipod either.

3. It was 101 degrees when I left this office at 5pm last night!

Jennifer said...

I think shoes are the most important things to purchase if you are going to be running! I would recommend going to a true running store and let them help you pick out what would work best for you. Hopefully they'll have a treadmill so that you can try them out before you buy them! You can find my favorite shoes here! I hope you find the perfect pair!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Fun pictures...

Sitting on a back porch on a lazy afternoon = Devine! ;-)

Lindsey said...

Such pretty pics!!! Love it.

Megan said...

I have to have an iPod when I run. It really helps pass the time!


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