Thursday, June 4, 2009

i'm playing detective

I'd like to have something interesting to talk about but right now I'm obsessed with other things.

Well, one other thing.

The past 4 mornings, the Mr. and I have woken up to find a big puddle 'o pee at the back door. Fortunately we have hard wood or I'd have tanned a dog hide by now. We can't figure out who's doing it and it's making me crazy.

Naturally the Mr. blamed Cash, our oh so special pup. I disagreed because Cash puts up a huge stink when he needs to go out and I truly think he would wake us.

This past weekend when Ash was here, she brought her female pup down. So maybe she peed there and now the boys are peeing over it. That's option one. But we've sprayed so many cleaning supplies down there that I'm not buying that one. Option two is someone's pissed off about something. I truly don't think my two male dogs have it in them to be spiteful.*

*We've ruled out Lacy because of the smell of the urine..*

Option three is something's wrong with someone and is compromising his ability to hold it. That better be the case because only if something is medically wrong will I forgive them!!

We locked up Cash in his kennel last nite to try and catch our culprit.

There was urine on the floor this morning.

I'm convinced it's Duke. The Mr. is still saying it's Lacy. Or that Lacy is letting Cash out at nite so he can still do it.


But he totally rigged up a hidden camera tonite to catch our culprit. Oh, and Duke gets locked up tonite. We WILL get to the bottom of this!!!

I can't believe I just spent a whole post talking about my dogs' bathroom habits. Oh boy.

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MissJody said...

I have 2 cats.
They did this me to!
So I sprinkled baby powder where the fav. spot was! and follwed the trail!
BUSTED!! One of them was just covered in it! Brat!

Can't wait to hear the outcome!


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