Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 months.

Somehow I blinked and woke up with a five month old.

Not sure how that happened.

I took BG up to the clinic to see if I could get an accurate weight and length on her. I came up with; weight: 18.8 (97th percentile according to le internet), and length: 26.5 inches. Though I'm not buying that one because it was ridiculously hard to try and get her length. She's wearing size 3 Pampers Cruisers diapers during the day and size 3 Pampers Overnights at night. She's wearing mostly six months clothing, but some 6-9 months. She's a big girl!

Currently BG eats 6 ounces of formula every four hours. This month she started eating rice cereal and currently eats that twice a day, breakfast and dinner (at 8:00 am and 6:30 pm). She tried juice this past month too, but has basically zero interest in it, so we've backburnered that for now.

Feeding her is not so easy. It's messy and nine times out of ten, you spend more time wrestling the spoon away from her than actually feeding her. She seems to think she should just be able to do it on her own! Sometimes she acts like she loves the cereal, sometimes she acts like she hates it, most of the time she eats all of it and doesn't want you to take it away.

This has been a big month. She's hit so many milestones and has changed so much. I feel like her personality is really starting to show more and more each day. She is such a laid back, happy baby. She smiles 95% of the day. She makes us smile about 100% of the day. I still don't know how we got so lucky..

Here's what you've been up to this past month sweet girl.

  • She's started noticing the pets. She reaches out for them and will let them come rub up against her hands. She seems to really like Ace. She reaches for him, pets him, grabs his ears.. It's all good. She's started tracking him while she's in the walker. I don't think it will be long and she'll be chasing him in that thing.

  • You got two new, super fun toys this month. I went and got you a Jenny Jump-Up for your four month birthday and Nonny and Pops got you a walker when they were down a few weeks ago. You tend to just hang out in the jump up and smile. We haven't put you in there in a while. I bet the next time you're in there, you'll be all over the place. You love your walker. You haven't figured out how to go forward in it yet, but you can go backwards, and turn in circles. You will play in there for hours if we'd let you. You seriously love it.

  • You now grab at faces. You also grab hair, necklaces, clothes.. anything you can get your hands on. You also rub our faces. You like to touch our lips, cheeks, and eyes (yes, that hurts!). You also like to nuzzle up against our faces. You are such a sweet babe!

  • You reach for toys while on your belly. You do your best to scoot to any toy out of your reach. You get super frustrated with the fact that you can't move enough yet to get to them! You like to grab at the toys on your walker and also any toys we give you to play with while in your walker. You will also roll over for a toy and if we move it out of your line of vision, you can always find it.

  • You recognize your bottle and when you see it, you want it bad. There is no showing it to you and then not giving it to you. You will freak out.

  • Every day when you get home from the sitter, you and I curl up in the recliner and you take a small nap. You have to hold onto my hair when you sleep like this. It absolutely melts me.

  • If it's a night you're having trouble going to sleep, we'll go in there with you and you'll pull our hand over your face. No fail, you will go to sleep every time. You just like knowing that we're there.

  • You've started showing some "stranger anxiety". When someone you don't know comes up to you, it takes you a minute to be okay with them. Then you are your happy smiley self. If they don't give you time to warm up to them, or if they take you from your Dad or I too fast, you will melt down. I'm okay with this. I know it's just a stage that you will grow out of, and secretly I love that you like being with us that much.

  • You are getting more and more vocal every day. You've started sqealing and "singing". Every night you wake yourself up at least once and you just talk and talk until you go back to sleep.

  • On the 28th of August, we took you to the doctor for your first sick visit. You had these odd red welts and rashes on your hands and feet. It freaked us out. Turned out to be... mosquito bites. Give us a break. We're new at this! You were completely happy to spend your Saturday morning at the doctor though.

  • You got dedicated to the Lord on the 29th and you completely won over our entire congregation with your adorable personality.

  • You started rolling over from your back to your front on the 9th. You started rolling in succession on the 11th. Because of this fact, you now sleep in a sleep sack and are no longer swaddled. You now sleep on your side or your tummy at night. And you are never where we put you down at in the morning!

  • You push your feet down when you're on your belly and push your little booty in the air. You are so going to figure out this moving thing soon.

  • You found your feet on the 11th and started putting them in your mouth on the 29th. This new found position of yours makes diaper time a bit difficult!

  • You started blowing raspberries this past month. And it. is. hilarious.

  • You are this l l close to sitting up on your own. You can do it for a few seconds but then you topple to the side. You want to sit up so bad!

  • You stand all the time. You can hold yourself up now and stand for awhile before you get tired.

  • **look at those thighs!! Now those she got from her Mama!!**

  • You were in your first fashion show and did great! Til the end. But in your defense, I'd be pretty upset if I were rocking camo too!

  • You're actually starting to be able to "play" some at playdates and you like them a lot more. You and Kathryn play and roll over each other for hours. You two bring so much joy to our lives...

  • You absolutely love your jumper. I think it's because the baby that lives in the mirror is so cute that you just love staring at her!

  • You hold your own bottle now. But I still prefer you to let me do it for you.. =)

  • You had a great visit with your Nonny and Pops and then again when they came back with Uncle Marine. You have such a great time with them.

  • You are the light of our lives little one. We tell you that every day but we never want you to forget that we will love you forever..


    Miss M! said...

    Okay, second to last picture looks like someone told a total knee slapper but your husband is not impressed. Too funny.

    During feeding time, we used to use a two spoon system - one for the baby to hold and one for feeding. You can't grab at stuff if your hands are already full!

    Margaret said...

    She completely melts me! The videos are so sweet and funny. I love her personality-y'all are so lucky!

    Margaret said...

    She completely melts me! The videos are so sweet and funny. I love her personality-y'all are so lucky!

    Belle on Heels said...

    she. is. DARLING!

    Rachel said...

    She is seriously the cutest thing I have EVER seen! What a blessing :)

    No Longer Newlyweds. said...

    What a great post. I watched every single video. The eating is hilarious....she really arches her back and wants out of that Bumbo, huh? Scary....Jude still just sits there...but, E has always been a few weeks ahead of him developmentally. She is a wild woman and I love it!

    Annie said...

    i can't believe she is already 5 months!! that is just crazy!! i loved all the videos, she is just too cute!!

    Muffy said...

    What a gorgeous baby. CANNOT believe (!!!) she is FIVE months!!! Congrats to you, what a blessing!!!

    Newlywed Next Door said...

    She is SO cute! She looks so happy!

    I love the pics of her with the pets. Question for ya... how does she get along with the cat and the cat with her? That's a big a fear of mine when having (future) kids is that the cat will hiss or try to jump on the baby.

    Emily said...

    ummmm... I LOVE HER!! She is just sooo stinking precious and darling and just flat out adorable!!!!

    Laura said...

    Wow she's growing up so fast!! She's still the cutest thing ever though. I have to admit, I've showed a couple people pics of your little one from your blog. I think its safe to say you have one of the top 3 cutest babies I've ever seen in my entire life...that's saying a lot! :)

    You guys are such a cute little family!

    Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

    she is adorable!! and the videos are so precious! :) I can't get over her cute big happy smiles! and the last pic of you two, seriously looks like you guys are modeling together! so sweet!

    Kristin said...

    She looks like the PERFECT size to me! The dude always wore double his age!


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