Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tuesday tidbits.

My mind is a mess right now. I am super stressed out but not quite ready to go into everything so.. bullet points will have to do today.

  • BG is officially sitting on her own. She will sit and play forever. She doesn't fall over anymore unless she leans way too far over to get a toy. Where is my baby?!?

  • I have not done anything physical this week. Wait. That's not true. I have walked to the pantry where the cookies are numerous times. Like too many to count. Operation Fattypants is a huge fail this week.

  • I'm feeling really unsettled here in this town right now. I know it all has to do with everything going on right now, but I am so ready to pick up and move. I. Is. Restless.

  • I am loving fall tv so far. Loving. DWTS is better than I thought it would be. Grey's started off slow, but I deeply love it so I will stick by. I actually like Desperate Housewives, although I'm not a fan of the Vanessa Williams character. And I thought Brothers & Sisters started off strong. I have so many shows currently hanging out in my DVR right now it's ridiculous Which shows are y'all loving so far?

  • Huge prayer request for Thursday. Mr. will be going out of town and the results are very, very important to this little family's future. I swear I will go more into detail when I can talk about it, but not there yet.. Just please say a quick prayer that all goes well.

  • I have so many drafted posts that I for some reason cannot get finished. I've lost my blogging mojo. Did I ever have blogging mojo?

  • Hope you're all having a great week. Thanks for the sweet comments, tweets, and emails. You guys seriously rock. I can't say enough how much I love my blogging/Twitter peeps!


    megan. said...

    hey girl! loved this post ;) and in response to what you wrote on my last post (weather/trees/fall)--the leaves are changing in atlanta & buckhead! so surely, wherever you are in georgia, they're not too far behind! ;)

    A.B. said...

    Not sure where you are in GA, but I lived in Atlanta for 5 years (2002-2008,)I miss the south like whoa. I also love Charleston and want to go back--only been there once (and it was when I was a youth minister on a choir tour.) Have you read South of Broad by Pat Conroy? Love love love.

    I hope whatever is stressful stops being that way!

    Brothers and Sisters--I got behind last season and deleted some episodes and then today watched the premier... um, I'm lost and I didn't think it was amazeballs.

    You better hide the keys if your baby is sitting up. How did she get so big???

    Sassy Engineer said...

    I can't wait to hear more details about everything, but I will pray that God work it all out! Hang in there :) oh, and I'm definitely enjoying fall TV also!

    amy (metz) walker said...

    Quick prayer said...thinking of you, friend! Hope it all works out in the best way possible for your family!

    Jill said...

    you guys are in definitely in our thoughts... also i have about 18 drafted posted i can't seem to finish. i told jake i'd lost my blogging mojo, he said there was no such thing. i'm glad you said it too!!


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