Thursday, September 2, 2010

second pool day.

Back in July, I posted about the first trip the little one and I took to a friends' pool one day.

That trip was not super successful.

But I decided to try again because I just knew BG was going to be a water baby like her Mama.

This time I was a bit more prepared. I had toys, a float for the pool, extra clothes, towels, etc. I was ready.

So on the first of August, we ventured to the pool again.

I carried BG in with me at first to get a good feel of the water. She was completely okay with it. She was looking around and tapping her hands on the water.

I decided to put her in her little float. Great, great invention. She loved it. She was totally chilled out in it and was about three seconds from taking a nap in it.

Then a toddler happened.

One of the kiddos that was in the pool with us got the super bright idea to shoot a water gun in BG's general vicinity. Somehow, she ended up getting a stream of water straight to the back of the head.

Oh. My. Gosh.

It couldn't have caused a bigger meltdown even if she really had been shot in the back of the head.

It took me a good forty minutes to get her calmed back down.

Finally we gave it another go.


We managed to float like this for quite a while.

Til one of the other children came and jumped on the back of the float causing the back of BG's head to get wet.

Le sigh.

Poor girl. Had they not shocked her so bad both times, I think she would have been completely fine. She absolutely loved floating around. Maybe we should go at a time we aren't surrounded by multiple toddlers. Hmmmm...

We spent most of the rest of the afternoon hanging out in a lounge chair and watching the other kids play. I was fine with that.

Right before we headed home, we ventured out to sit in the wave pool for a bit. She absolutely loved that. Maybe it was the fact that Mama was holding her tight. I'll go with that. =)

I'd say it was a successful day. She was asleep in the car in less than ten minutes. That's a good day in my book.


Annie said...

yay for a successful pool trip!!! she just keeps getting cuter!! love her little chubby face! :)

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

What a sweetie :-) It sounds like a good mix of water + sun. Too bad about the splashing and squirt guns!

Shaina said...

Wow - that is a pretty serious baby floatie! So neat!!!! She is so adorable, I just want to squeeze those cute chubby little cheeks!!!

Emily said...

ahh yaya:) SO excited she loves it now:)she is just the cutest!!

Jennifer said...

She is the most precious baby ever! Where did y'all go to? That pool looks nice! Is it Splash in the Boro?

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Rachel said...

Poor baby! At least she looks adorable in her swimsuit. If only those pesky toddlers would leave her alone!

Anonymous said...
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