Friday, September 10, 2010

fit train friday.


I have majorly fallen off the fit train.

And in doing so, have managed to put back on 5 lbs.


But no more (I know, I know, I've said it before).

See here's the deal. Somehow I've gotten out of sync with mine and BG's schedule. I was getting up every morning at about 5.45 and getting ready for the day before I got her up at 6.30. Well I've been slacking and sleeping late or going back to sleep with her at her first nap and it kills my day. I lose all productivity and I feel like I've slept away the day.

So starting tomorrow (we're celebrating my bday today and I don't diet while celebrating!), I'm getting back up at 5.30 to begin my day. I figure what better day to start than the day I turn 28. Might as well make this new year about getting healthy.

I've also been cooking a lot more which has been better than eating out. But I've also been snacking more. I. Can't. Quit. Eating.

But I can't deal with the way I look, feel, etc. anymore. I feel horrible. I feel lazy and slovenly and greasy. Yes, greasy. It's like food is oozing out of my pores.

So wish me luck. And if you want to keep me accountable by sending me tweet's or comments saying "Hey lazy! How's the pound loss coming?!?", well, that would be fine by me.

Here's to getting hott at 28. Yep. I said it.

Because let's face it. Rolls are only hot when you look like this...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

Are you going to make this a weekly feature? It's helped me to stay accountable! In any case, you can do it!


No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Well, Happy Birthday to You! You're still a baby...wait until you enter your 30s...totally sucks.

I am obsessive about how and when I start my day. I must get up and shower, dry my hair and put make-up on before J goes down for his first nap at 8:30 am. If I don't, I feel the way you are truly does ruin my day. So, I feel your pain.

And, if you're a big me...that's fine, just snack on good stuff. My current kick is frozen grapes. You don't really feel like you're eating a healthy snack because they are slushy and yummy!

Hayley said... and me both!

Have fun celebrating your birthday!!!!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday! Good luck with the getting up early thing. I am terrible at it. Little M sleeps until 8 or 9 these days and I can never find the energy to wake up any early than her, haha. You are very motivated!

A.B. said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm going to attempt to get fit for your bday too!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! I know what you mean about not being on the fit train! I have been slacking and when your about to be a bride you should be in the best shape of your life!!! I decided tonight I am going to eat as much as I want (we are going to Jalepenos) and then tomorrow I am working out and eating right! NO MORE BEING CHUBBY FOR ME!

Emily and Andrew said...

Way to go! I jumped on the fit train this past week by joining weight watchers! Baby weight be gone!!!!! Happy Birthday!

Jill said...

"Because let's face it. Rolls are only hot when you look like this..."


also i believe i saw in a separate post that today is your birthday. happy birthday. :-)


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