Friday, September 17, 2010

fit train friday.

Ok so... I said on Monday that this week began my time to get serious about no longer being a fatty. And surprisingly? I have not done too bad.

Working out at night just wasn't happening. I was way too tired to hit the pavement or do the Shred or pretty much even use the bathroom. Basically; I = tired. So if I was going to be successful at "Operation Fattypants", I was simply going to have to work out in the morning.

And lo and behold I have done just that.

Now granted, it's been one week. But who cares? Now I know I can do this. Here is this week's workouts:

Monday: Couch to 5k - Day one. Five minutes brisk walk to warm-up, then twenty minutes alternating between 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking.

Tuesday: the Shred. Jillian is even more of a monster at 5.30 in the morning.

Wednesday: Couch to 5k- Day dos. Same as day one.

Thursday: I slept in. Oops. Forgot to admit that one. And then I got no workout in because it was a long, long, long day.

Friday: Couch to 5k- Day three. Same as day one.

So Friday is my weigh in day. I am down one pound. Wahoo!!!! I'll take it!

I already feel better. I feel better about myself, I feel better in clothes. I just feel better. And that's after one week. The good thing is, I have a highly addictive personality (good in this case that is), and I am already addicted to this little exercise high I have going on right now. So maybe I'll keep it up.

I better. Because I just bought some jeans a size smaller than I should have for motivation. And Mama will be peeved if I can't wear them.

Also, the eating has been a lot better. I have been stalking reading more recipes on blogs lately so that I can cook more. And it's actually working. I am by no means a "Kitchen Queen", but I'm holding my own. Eating better is definitely helping with the jiggle factor too.

So week one done son. On to week two....


Belle on Heels said...

good for you, ladycakes!! i stepped on the scale yesterday to discover that i have gained near 15 pounds since the beau and i began dating in february. not cool. i am totally jumping on the fit train with you :)

Ashley said...

Good for you!!! Keep the updates coming about the couch to 5 k, I'm planning on starting that myself this week, on Monday. I can't wait, I've had so many friends doing that lately and they really seem to like it!

Mandy said...

GOod for you! I am so impressed that you wake up that early to work out! I am definitely more of a nighttime exerciser myself.

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Awesome job!
Tell me more about this Couch to 5K book. Sounds interesting.
I've just determined that my workout time will have to be in the early mornings too. It sucks.

Carrie said...

Maybe you will give me some motivation!!!

A.B. said...

I have purchased a sports bra. Work out date tbd.

I'm impressed that you don't cry at 5:30 in the AM to Jillian. She scares me.

Anonymous said...

Yayyayay!! Good for you! Keep it up, gf!

Hayley said...

Wow, I am impressed...keep going!

Kristin said...

I haven't weighed myself in months. Is that bad? HA!


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