Thursday, September 16, 2010

thursday tidbits.

I am way too tired to get a full on post out, but have so many thoughts running through my head. Looks like it's a bullet point kind of day.

  • We had to take BG to the doctor again today. She woke up this morning tugging on her ear which was red and swollen and draining. We called up there and were told to come in at 11.45. So we got up there about 11.20 and at noon I had to leave to go to work. Mr. Perfect and BG left at 2. Ridiculous. And that whole time she's sitting in a room with sick kids. I could literally see the germs crawling on the furniture. She was fine. I am over her doctor's office. At least she was happy about being up there.

  • A couple of weeks ago, we had a night where BG screamed for four hours. We called her doctor's office and left a message to be paged. Forty five minutes went by and no call. So we called again. Left another message. Still no call. SO I hit up my Twitter gals and of course, they came through. Even Mr. Perfect was impressed with you ladies for your help. You guys are much better than our freaking doctor. I really want to switch peds...

  • I am really invested in Teen Mom this season and I have no clue why. Of course it could be because I get to "watch" it with Megan and Kate and I love it. Our running commentary is hilarious. And we are all in agreement that Gary's belly gets way too much face time.

  • Speaking of Teen Mom, those girls kill me. Amber is a b*@#$. Hard core. And she treats Leah horrible. I'm not sure I understand how she still has that kid. And Farrah is a moron. If you leave your kid unattended in a kitchen sink, you are probably not smart enough to be a mom. My opinion, but seriously?

  • My dogs are driving me crazy. Crazy. I never thought I would be that dog mom, but I daresay I am. They are completely over shadowed by BG. Sorry. I wish I knew how to fix it, but right now I am just overwhelmed by them.

  • After hearing multiple rave reviews, I purchased four Lands End cardis and a couple pair of Gap jeans. I love them. Of course this is why blogging is bad for my bank account but I don't care. I almost feel set for fall. So quit holding out on the cooler weather Mother Nature.

  • My current favorite pair of jeans are a maternity pair. I don't think this says good things about me.

  • Ever since I started taking Flintstones' vitamins, my tummy hurts. Those two things have to be related right?

  • Mr. Perfect kept BG this afternoon after her appointment by himself for a few hours. Tell me why she was perfect and took a two hour nap for him?! Where is that when Mama has you???

  • At her appointment today (you know the one where she was supposed to be sick), BG laughed hysterically for ten minutes at a little girl jumping by the wall. Hysterically. And loud. Everyone was watching her. She is so precious. And hey? It's better than being the kid that cries all the time.

  • Fit Train Friday will be posted tomorrow, and gasp, there's actually news to be posted! Will it be good or bad... stay tuned.

  • I am so ready for fall tv. I've already planned out my schedule. Does this make me a super dork? Or just super OCD? I don't care. I will be irate if I miss one of my shows!

  • Hope you're all having a good week. Has it cooled off out there yet? Am I the only one still sweating just by breathing??


    ashley said...

    so with you on the napping for daddy but not for Mommy!! My son will often have a 2-3-4 hour nap when daddy puts him down, but if I get 1 hour out of him when it's just us I'm lucky! Must be because they aren't around daddy so much, and they play so hard it tires them out ?!?! Who knows!

    Anonymous said...

    I'm speaking from experience when I say you have to make time for the dogs. If you don't, they'll just get crazier by the day & I s'pose rightfully so. It's actually quite easy to include them in life with a baby!

    Anonymous said...

    I love that your Twitter friends came through when the doctor didn't. What a cool story, no for BC, but you know what I mean. Happy weekend friend!

    Anonymous said...

    I love that your Twitter friends came through when the doctor didn't. What a cool story, no for BC, but you know what I mean. Happy weekend friend!

    Brown Girl said...

    Awe, hang in there with the doggies!! I know how they can be because mine drive me crazy and I don't even have a kid! It will get better ;) Maybe you and BG can walk with them? And can I go? Promise I won't make anymore Stewie references!

    Kate said...

    Woot, Woot Teen Mom! If Gary and Amber "break up" one more time... ARRRGH!


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