Thursday, August 4, 2011


I posted recently about how much of a girl BG is becoming every single day. Every day I see less and less baby and more and more of how she is becoming an independent little girl.

Case in point:

This morning, I got her up and dressed to head to her sitter. We'd spent a leisurely morning playing and watching tv so at lunch time, it was time to get dressed. I picked out a dark colored romper for her to wear since I knew they would be having a cupcake at the sitters today.

I wanted her to wear her white sandals with the romper but could not find those suckers anywhere so I gave up and grabbed her new pink flowered sandals. We sat down on the floor to put them on and homegirl LOST it. I'm talking hysterically crying.

I figured that I had tightened them too much and was hurting her so I loosened them up but the crying didn't let up one bit. I stood her up and she would. not. move. She actually stood bent in half just crying her eyes out.

So I took the shoes off.

The crying stopped. I went and grabbed one of her pink sneakers and one of her glitter flip flops and brought them to her. She picked up that flip flop and then helped me find the other one, walked up to me and said "dues?".


So she picked out her shoes because she was fine with these. Nice. As we were walking to the front door, I called out for her to come on and she came walking out of her room carrying a pink knit hat saying "dat?".

So she wore a hat.

My sixteen month old is accessorizing. How is this happening?

And she's looking pretty darn cute while doing so.


Suze said...

Oh my gosh I die. How cute is she?! I want to hug her right now haha. Please let me come play with her and meet y'all haha. Hope your doing well!

Jen Watts said...

Shes so adorable!! And has the best little personality!

Our Baby "D" said...

Hysterical! My niece is the same way...recently all of her birthday gifts needed to be "fancy"...fancy shoes, fancy pants, etc.

E is so precious! Have fun with all of that accessorizing :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet! I wish I were that good at accessorizing! Ha!

amy (metz) walker said...

LOVE it!

The Pink Chick said...

How cute! She is so precious! I love that she accessorizes at such a young age! :)

Nishehe said...

aww..she is just adorable...


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