Sunday, August 14, 2011

project 365: weeks 31 & 32

Sunday, July 31st:

This is proof that I took the pictures to do a WW update. I just haven't gotten it down on paper yet. I should get on that...

Monday, August 1st:

I had a photoshoot Monday afternoon just outside of town. How cool is this location?!

Tuesday, August 2nd:

The other day when we got home, I peeked into my back seat and was taken aback. Seriously, who is this little girl in my backseat?! With her sucker she got from the bank and her sippy cup, she just looked so grown. Man... it is going way too fast.

Wednesday, August 3rd:

Baby Girl likes to go up to anyone that has food and just stand there with her mouth open until she gets some. It's kind of adorable. We call her our little bird. It could get annoying one day, but when you're this cute? You're good.

Thursday, August 4th:

Someone was having a blast traipsing around the house in her Daddy's big 'ol shoes the other morning...

Friday, August 5th:

BG is currently on a book kick. But she still won't sit down to read one. She likes to pull them all out and thumb through them, or she'll come and sit with you long enough for you to read maybe two pages. Then she's off. But I see hope that I'm raising another bookworm!

Saturday, August 6th:

BG giving me the stank eye for trying to make her sit still for her sixteen month photo shoot. If we make it to two years doing these, it will be a small miracle.

Sunday, August 7th:

Spending my summer afternoons with her are by far the best thing ever. She's so cool y'all. For real.

Monday, August 8th:

Lacy is just now starting to warm up to BG. Yep, sixteen months later. Which is a good thing because BG loves her some Lacy. This two are starting to actually become buds and it's so fun to watch. Lacy was rubbing all over BG here and she thought it was hysterical!

Tuesday, August 9th:

A little afternoon frozen yogurt date with my best pal.

Wednesday, August 10th:

Thursday, August 11th:

BG can manage a straw like it's her job. Which is all well and good and super convenient until you realize your drink is missing and you see a little two foot person taking off with the goods. Which she will then drink down to nothing. Nice.

Friday, August 12th:

Daddy brushing his sweet girl's hair before bed... Melt my heart.

Saturday, August 13th:

My little family. Loves.


Meg said...

looking good! BG & the puppy remind me of my nephew...his "big sister" is a black lab that lives inside the house, and she walked over this week and took a toy of of his mouth with her mouth and he just laughed and laughed! (he's 9 months old)

Lindsey said...

Such a good lookin' fam!!

A.B. said...

You're soooooooooo skinny and BG is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful. Seriously, model that baby and get some college funds. Or, keep her around and I'll have a cute one and they can be the cutest little smocked bride and groom ever.

Mandy said...

LOVE when Skip is brushing Little M's hair as well! There is something so cute about a big tough guy and soft baby girl hair!


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