Monday, August 22, 2011

project 365: week 33

I'm back.

Still alive, but just barely. Apparently someone forgot the while she was in fact at a high school reunion, she is no longer in high school and cannot run on a total of seven hours of sleep in 72ish hours.

Yea. Dying over here today.

But this past weekend was a blast and also emotionally draining (more on that later).

Today though, you just get pictures. Because I have mush for brains....

Sunday, August 14th:

Daddy teaching his little girl how to climb on her swingset. Love that she's in a dress but rocking a fierce skinned knee.

Monday, August 15th:

Hanging out at the park :)

Tuesday, August 16th:

Working on her crown at "Princess Night".

Wednesday, August 17th:

Thursday, August 18th:

My precious girl before heading to the sitter that morning.

Friday, August 19th:

Nonny (my Mom) came into town to spend the weekend with BG while I was in Savannah. While I was at work on Friday, Mr. P took Nonny and BG on a little tour of the area. BG found her a little seat while they were out.

Saturday, August 20th:

Group shot from my reunion. Such a good time!


Ashley said...

I love that little outfit she's wearing going to the sitter. Girl has some style! Her little legs and feet in those flip flops are too precious. Been thinking of you and praying for you and your family all weekend! : )

Mandy said...

Those little sandles are just the cutest! And I love the picture of her holding her baby doll...what a good little mommy!


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