Friday, August 26, 2011

friday free for all...

I'm feeling a little bit censored on this here blog lately and me no likey. I'm working on getting over that (trust, I will get over it) but it's pissing me off that I'm giving second thought to what I want to write.


Teething is a beesh. Currently my poor little is coughing her brains out due to excessive amounts of drool draining down the back of her throat. I don't even know which teeth it is at the moment. I stuck my hand in there tonight to figure it out and she bit down so hard I had to pop her on the head to get her to give me back my finger. Then she laughed while I surveyed for blood. Freaking teeth.

Speaking of "beeshes" (ha), last night while skyping with my parents, my Mom and I got into a discussion of female dogs. Apparently my little brother had called one a "bi&@#" and she was taken aback.

"Well Mom, the technical term for a female dog is a "bi&@#" I said, because it is.

The next thing I knew, I heard Mr. P in the kitchen saying "No Baby Girl! We don't say that word!".


But then to take it one step farther, Baby Girl then said "bye bye bi&@#!" and took off laughing.

So that's awesome.

In other news, I've cleared a shelf for my Mom of the Year Trophy because I've got that junk in the bag.

I currently have about eleven different projects going right now. Eleven. That's ridiculous. Can we say "lack of focus" much?

I wore a fabulous pair of shoes to work today. I thought they made my legs look amazeballs. But thirty minutes into the day they gave me a fierce blister. No one looks amazing when they're limping and have band aids all over their ankles. Note to self: buy more comfortable shoes.

The little broke into tears for the first time when I dropped her off at her sitter's house today. I almost didn't leave. For the first time I felt hugely guilty about going back to work. Sigh.. the Mom guilt is never at ease is it???

She's awake again. I should be thankful that once she gets deeply to sleep she won't wake up even with this teething mess. Unfortunately she is having the hardest time getting there. Blah.

This post is a mess. But then so is my head. Thank goodness for a weekend with my little family. Have a great one y'all!


A.B. said...

I'm giving you a SERIOUS run for your $ on the Mom of the Year award. this mom who sometimes nurses her baby in hopes of sleeping longer? Yep, that's me. This mom who has let her baby watch Olivia during dinner? yep. That's me. This mom, who is worried that his first sentence will be "maggie get off the damn couch?" Right on over here.

Tiff said...

I think Timothy has been trying to tell the dogs to shut up because we do so much! Ha! :)

I always wear flats to work... I've given up the cute heels!

Meg said...

oh man, I just laughed until I cried about the "b" situation with BG. Oh. My. Word. Hysterical.

As for Mother of Year, we all have more of those days than not, I think. : )

Lauren said...

Bless your heart.... but I'm sorry, I totally laughed reading this!!!!

Mrs S said...

Oh I SO do not look forward to the joy that is teething.. eeep!

brown eyed girl said...

I am 100% confident my kids are gonna be cussing at the age of 1. My sister sat down at the dinner table at the age of 3, looked at her plate, looked at my parents and said "What the fuck is this?" HA!

Can we get a picture of the amazeball shoes??

Hope you're doing well - I understand the feeling censored on your blog feeling, it's not fun at all!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

omg. I am dying. "bye bye b*tch"!? lol.

Whenever I say shit, mainly in the car (what? drivers piss me off)--I always hear Eme go, "Shhhh! Shhh!"...


I need to watch my mouth.

Legallyblondemel said...

If it helps, I feel guilty whenever I leave my guy home with a sitter or in the church nursery - and yes, he often bawls when I do. This mom guilt thing seems to cross over work/stay-at-home lines.


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