Thursday, September 29, 2011

Easy Canvas

So I've never done a review before. Because I'm not reviewing something that I wouldn't truly enjoy myself. But when I was contacted to do a review for Easy Canvas Prints, I was all "heck yea! I'm on that" because pictures? Good. Pictures on canvas? Good. Why would I not be all over that?!

Easy Canvas Prints was ridiculously easy to work with. In fact, the thing that took me the longest to do was decide on a picture to use. Good problem to have I'd say. Daggum super cute kid making me not be able to make a decision.

It took all of five minutes to get my picture uploaded and my preview to show up. It took about that long for them to ship my item. It seriously was here before I knew it. That's my kind of service since we all know I'm a want it right away kind of girl.

I couldn't be more pleased with my canvas. I chose a favorite picture from the little ones first birthday. The colors are perfect and the quality was amazing. In fact, I've already got my next picture picked out to order.

Thanks again Easy Canvas Prints for being so awesome to work with. If you want one of your own (and who doesn't?!) be sure to check out their site and look around! There's a link on my sidebar to help show you the way!

*While I was compensated with an 8 x 10 canvas to review, the opinions in this blog are all mine.*


KTB said...

I LOVE THIS!!! She's just TOO CUTE for words!

Jillian said...

I love that photo!!

Tiff said...

They asked me to do the same.. I am in the same predicament.. Which cute picture to choose!?!

You did a great job on your pick!

Also, { totally random place to act, but..} wanna do dinner tomorrow night?

Tiff said...


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

SO cute! I keep wanting to do a photo canvas but I can't pick out one picture yet! :)

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Ok, first of all, the picture in your header? I died. Oh my goodness, the cuteness. How do you stand it?!

As for the canvas prints... We're doing family portraits next week and I'm hoping for a favorite that I can put on a canvas. I've never done it before but I think I'd love it.

LG said...

I love that! I need one in my life stat!


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