Monday, September 5, 2011

project 365: weeks 34 & 35

Sunday, August 21st:

Yep... a continuation from my reunion. Told you there was NO SLEEP that weekend.

Monday, August 22nd:

BG has started laying down on anything "pillow-esque" and saying "nigh-nigh". It's so cute. Since my bag still wasn't unpacked, she kept walking by it and saying "nigh nigh" over and over. Silly girl.

Tuesday, August 23rd:

My precious girl..

Wednesday, August 24th:

Nonny was in town to spend a few days with us and hang out with BG while I went to Savannah. They had such a good time going to the park and having tea parties. We were definitely sad to see her go and can't wait til her and Pops come to visit again!

Thursday, August 25th:

BG has figured out how to work the stereo and turn the surround sound on now. Randomly our radio just starts playing now. And loud. Super fun.

Friday, August 26th:

My girl and I early one morning.

Saturday, August 27th:

Someone is learning her alphabet with our fun new (super annoying) toy!

Sunday, August 28th:

Dog washing Sunday. Good times.

Monday, August 29th:

When did my tiny little baby get so big?!?

Tuesday, August 30th:

Enjoying our summer afternoon.

Wednesday, August 31st:

Cupcakes are good!!

Thursday, September 1st:

Trying to take a picture with my best girl; just about impossible.

Friday, September 2nd:


Saturday, September 3rd:

Cutest little "Dawg" butt ever!!

Hope you're all enjoying your Labor Day! We're spending time with my brother and his girlfriend before he heads back overseas. :( We'll be back tomorrow!


Jen Watts said...

Those are all great pictures!! My favorite might be her laying on your suitcase!

Megan said...

I'm so impressed that you are still doing project 365! Go you!!! BG looks adorable as usual!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! And that little strawberry outfit is too cute for words! Do you remember where you got that?


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