Friday, September 9, 2011

a Friday free for all....

People keep asking me how I feel about turning 29 on Sunday. Honestly i feel fine, although the fact that they seem shocked by that answer worries me. Will I wake up on Sunday with completely grey hair and liver spots? Tell me now people. Because I freaked at 27. I need a pass this year.

sometimes I come into contact with people through the day that downright make me wonder how they function. Like how do some people get through the day? There should be a test you have to take procreate. I'm just saying...

apparently my new tablet (whoo birthday gift!) will autocorrect like whoa but won't automatically capitalize the first word in a paragraph. That stinks. So this post is going to drive some of my grammar pals bat nuts crazy. Oops.

we're supposed to take BG to see Sesame Street Live on Sunday. Here's the thing; she's sort of terrified of the CFA cow so now I'm worried she is going to LOSE HER MIND over all those costumes. She loves Elmo though and will sing the mess out of some "Elmo's Song". So will she love it?? I really, really want to take her but I do not want to listen to the "I told you sos" that are sure to follow a wehavetogonowbeforetheythrowusout meltdown. Anyone care to weigh in??

I can't believe it's been ten years since 9/11. Wow.

my birthday weekend is starting off much quieter than last year. Maybe the Dawgswill pullout win tomorrow and kick off good time Megapolooza.

what? You don't name your birthday after a music festival? Silly.

this post is a mess. Peace. Have a great weekend!


Mandy said...

I am glad you are older than me...I don't turn 29 until next month!! haha. Let me know how BG likes SSL!! and if you survive the whole experience

Ashley said...

Now I don't have my own toddler yet, but in past experience, if she loves Sesame Street, I bet she'll be okay. Especially if y'all arent sitting in the front row! I hope you have a great birthday weekend!! (Though I hope y'all lose to the Cocks today. Not gonna lie.) : )

Suze said...

Awe happy birthday!

E will love sesame street live !

Hope you have a great birthday weekend!


Elisabeth said...

I recently came across your blog and I think we live somewhat near each, I'm not a crazy stalker. :)

Anyways, I'm taking my almost 2 year old on Sunday to SSL on Sunday too. I figure it will either be a huge hit or a complete disaster.

Jennifer said...

Love your free for all. It made me laugh :)
Let me know how she does at SS, we want to take B to something like that soon! She loves Elmo. What is it about Elmo, anyway?


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