Sunday, September 18, 2011

project 365: weeks 36 & 37

Sunday, September 4th:

Playing some Angry Birds with my girl.

Monday, September 5th:

My girl getting her big Marine uncle down on the floor for some play time. Sweet huh?
Tuesday, September 6th:

Wednesday, September 7th:

The change of season is kicking some little girl's tail at our house. Look at that runny nose and drool covered shirt. Poor baby! Also, can you tell her Daddy dressed her this day?

Thursday, September 8th:

No other point to this picture other than to show just how cute she is rocking her Fall layers. So excited for fall clothes!

Friday, September 9th:

BG stayed home with her Daddy this day so that he could take her to the doctor. She's had this cough that has been getting progressively worse so he took her in. Turns out she had a sinus infection that had moved into her chest as well as some fluid in her left ear. Nothing an antibiotic and steroid can't help. Apparently, Superman ice cream was also on the menu for the day which would explain the now tie dyed onesie...

Saturday, September 10th:

Can we just talk about the preciousness that is this face?! Sigh...

Sunday, September 11th:

Nothing better than waking up to gifts from the loves of my life. Ignore the scary Mama please and thank you.

Monday, September 12th:


Tuesday, September 13th:

Seriously who is this big girl?!

Wednesday, September 14th:

Thursday, September 15th:

The bff came up so we could head to a bridal show for ideas. We had to take BG along and she was such a trooper. We had one small meltdown since she was way tired and so hungry, but a few cake samples cured that. By the end of the night, she was dancing with the deejay's and ready to party all night. Which is why this picture was taken at ten p.m. Fun.

Friday, September 16th:
Again, fail. Boo.

Saturday, September 17th:

A Saturday afternoon spent playing outside with my girl. It doesn't get any better.

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Erica said...

Love the last pic, and the one with her and the baby. They just love babies/dolls at this age don't they!


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