Monday, February 13, 2012

22 months

Well it's official.. you are almost two. Sigh..

While it kind of stinks because you are growing up so dang fast, it's pretty awesome at the same time because you are just such an amazing kid. I know, I know, everyone says that about their kid, but BG, you really, really are.

You have such a distinct little personality. Even at such a young age, you know what you like and what you don't and you are emphatic about these things. You have an attitude the size of Texas, but fortunately, a heart that large too. You are just so fun to be around. Not kidding, you're the coolest kid I've ever known.

So what are you up to these days...

You are obsessed with writing. You walk around with a pad of paper and something to write with all the time. Apparently you get this honest as I've been told I did the same thing at this age.

You are sort of bossy. Good thing you're adorable.. You love to tell the dogs to "stop it!" or "hush!". You've recently started telling them to "go!" as you push them out of the way. Endearing no?

You talk non stop. NON STOP. Like I can't even explain how much you talk. It must be seen.

You have a new obsession with Blue's Clues. I hear "I want Doggy" and "I want Steve" way too many times a day.

You are still a pretty great eater. Not so much a breakfast fan anymore but you get that honest in this house.

You have zero fear. You jump all the time and your new thing is just to jump off things; stairs, the couch, you don't care. It's not a thing at all to you. You even drove your car down the stairs the other day and couldn't figure out why we wouldn't let you do it again.

You still love to dance, and girl.. you've got some moves. You did not get those from me.

You've taken to calling your Dad by his first name. It cracks me up. He is not as big of a fan but I remind him daily this is just a phase.

You really like to ask where people and things are. But you say "ah" instead of "where". Such as "ah Zoie go?" for hours after we leave school in the afternoon. Or "ah cat go?" when he runs from you for the fiftieth time that day.

You are still an amazing sleeper. I will never be able to thank you enough for this. Ever.

You like to sing. You sing your "ABC's" and can sing up to E by yourself as well as W, X, Y, Z. You like to sing the "tickle song" (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) and you're learning "Jesus Loves Me". You are getting better about recognizing your letters although you lose interest before we tackle too many. You are also learning to count and can say up to ten and recognize some of them as well. You are starting to attempt to draw your letters as well, but they're still pretty unrecognizable. :)

If we ask you how old you are, you say one but then we say "and you're almost.." and you holler TWO!

You've started asking for nose kisses and I think it is just about the sweetest thing ever.

Every night when we lay you down, you like to holler out "I love you Mommy!" and "I love you Daddy!" loud enough for us to hear as we walk away. When we holler back, you bust out laughing and then we do it a few more times. That might actually be the sweetest thing ever...

You like to carry around your purse or your bookbag. Then you get your keys and say "Ella go!" as you walk off to your next adventure.

You love your school friends. You talk about them all. the. time.

You are so fun to be around. You make us laugh non stop and then you get all excited and scream "Ella funny!". Yes, sweetie you are.

We love you so much little one. While the tantrums aren't fun and sometimes you make me want to pull my hair out, I can think of no person I love the way I love you. You're my little pal. You're my heart sweet child. No matter how many gray hairs you give me, or how many anxiety attacks, you will always be my heart.


Height: 34 ish inchs

Weight: 33 lbs.

Sleep: 7:30 pm to 8:30 am and a two hour nap around noon.

Teeth: still waiting on one eye tooth. It might even be there. I'm not sticking my hand in there to find out!

Clothes: 2T some 3T

Favorite foods: avacados, cheese, yogurt, applesauce, ice (yes, weird), Goldfish, cereal bars. You are in a dipping phase. You like to have something to dip your food in at all times.

Favorite toys: you like carrying around bags and purses, Elmo, Violet, Abby, your Cozy Coupe

I love you so big sweet girl.


Tiff said...

That last smile remind me of T. And yes, she is the cutest little girl, ever.{I can say that, cause I have a boy!}

"Ella-GO" needs to be that little ones theme song, for sure! {Probably my favorite part of the post!}

Ashley said...

How is she so big?! What a little sweetie! And a daredevil! Haha. Cooper loves ice, too, and demands it all the time.

Brandy said...

Love this post. So sweet.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

gorgeous pics momma...envious of that nice weather!

Maydelin said...

I just love this little girl!! is so beautiful!!

Amber said...

Such sweet and precious pictures

eas said...

I need to kiss those cheeks! She is just too too sweet.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

She is so cute :-) I cracked up when I got to the part about calling her daddy by his first name - too funny!


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