Tuesday, February 21, 2012

toddler tuesday

One of my favorite's, Jennifer over at Life in the Green House, hosts a fun little link up for toddler activities on Tuesdays. Usually I just check out her other entries as I don't tend to be too crafty myself, but this week is different.

Craft fun for the win!

Shannon tweeted a picture the other day of an activity that she had her little one do and I knew that I had to try it. So on Sunday, when the weather was ridiculous gross and we'd been inside and awake for an hour and had already exhausted three other entertainment options, I pulled this little activity out.


On Pinterest, they used much bigger bags, but I went with what we had in the house which was these little ones. It's just small ziplocs filled with kids paint. Painting with no mess? Awesomesauce.

Also please ignore the messy windows. This window is where two dogs like to press their noses to watch all the neighborhood activity. Poor thing can't stay clean.

I'll be honest; this is a pretty neat idea on paper and from what I've seen on Twitter, some of the kiddos have loved it. Mine? Not so much. Her interest in it lasted about 0.325 seconds. Le sigh.

I did leave them up to find her later in the day punching the mess out of them while hollering "RAWR!!". So there's that.

But we did crafts and survived. And it was kind of fun for those 0.325 seconds so I suppose I can attempt the crafty Mom thing again. Hopefully I won't get the "that's the best you've got Mom??" look next time.

Love her dearly. I do.


The Morrows said...

I heard about this idea but I didn't understand how the paint would stay where you moved it. I get it now. Great pics! My girls would love this!

Mandy said...

I have seen some people doing this too, but wasn't sure if the work to get it ready would be work M's probable lack of interest. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thought this idea wasn't the best!

A.B. said...

Um, I also pulled this out and thought HELLS YES I'm an awesome mom and G is going to love this. He touched it wiht one finger and thennnnnnnnnnnnn nada. What?

Heather said...

So cute!!!! Very very good idea!!!

Gina said...

My kids were not the least bit impressed either. Que sera sera.

LG said...

I've been tempted to try this too but our windows are too high and I doubt Peebs would stay interested either! That last pic of her is so beautiful! You should frame it for realz.

Mrs. Pretty said...

Such a cool idea, though I suspect my boy would give it 0.02 seconds of interest as well. I'll give this a try anyways the next time we're homebound - thanks, secretly crafty mom!


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