Wednesday, February 29, 2012

so what wednesday

One of my fave reads, Shannon, hosts a weekly blog link up that I've actually never been a part of. What better day than today to change that?

So today I'm saying so what to...

-So what that I discovered that I haven't organized my pictures since June when I went to upload some to Shutterfly today. And who cares that I almost had a panic attack when I had to upload out of order to take advantage of a one time deal.

-So what that that little painting fail project I mentioned is still taped to my front windows. And has yet to be touched again.

-So what that I just got birthday cards out today that should have been mailed last month. What is my problem??

-So what that I realized I didn't mail said birthday cards because they were buried under half of creation on my passenger seat. Oops. And no, I didn't clean up the seat I just happened to see the bright corner of the envelope.

-So what that I ate an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in two day.

-So what that BG has learned how to say "shake your booty!" while promptly doing just that.

-So what that my streak of getting up early has come to a very untimely end. Le sigh...

That actually felt kind of good to get off my chest. Be sure to link up with Shannon!


Paige said...

Gotta love Shutterflys deals although I am up late still sending photos to be printed!

Maria said...

You're sending out birthday cards?! You're one step ahead of me! Great link-up but I forgot about it today :(

Kristin said...

Don't feel bad. I totally killed a whole box in less than two days!


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