Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 366: Week 6

Sunday, February 5th:

I got to eat dinner with a fairy princess this night. Be jealous. :)

Monday, February 6th:

I was trying to get my camera set to take a few monthly pictures of BG. I'll let you guess by the attitude caught in this picture on if those pictures happened or not....

Tuesday, February 7th:

Sometimes when you tell BG to "smile" for a picture, she'll put her hands on her hips and squeal "CHEE!" with the cutest smile in the world. I sort of caught it here. That kid slays me.

Two picture day!

We had to go out of town for Mr. P's grandfather's funeral earlier this week. We stayed at my in-laws and I had to share a bed with BG. When I went to get in bed, this is what I saw. Not too much room for me huh?

Wednesday, February 8th:

BG and her cousin at the church before the funeral. BG was in a grand mood I tell you...

Thursday, February 9th:

This picture could actually be used for just about every day for the last few weeks. The Mister and I are on a Sons of Anarchy kick and I am obsessed. Obsessed.

Friday, February 10th:

Trying to get a current height on the little one.

Saturday, February 11th:

The three of us went to town to do a little shopping and this little one got a reward for being so good. She didn't drink it all, calm down.


Karen said...

Definitely jealous of your dinner with a fairy princess :) And I love her boots in the second picture!

Kara said...

Those were fun, thanks for sharing!!

Tiff said...

I love her expressions. You do a great job capturing those moments! :)

P.S. text or call me. I miss you! :)

A.B. said...

Can't you just snuggle up with my Pal Violet? I mean, clearly if you touch those sensitive paws she goes off... but she knwos your favorite foods.

SHe is tooo tooo sweet. We're also in a hamming it up for the camera phase. I. Love. It.

I love her little attitude faces, too :)


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