Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 366: Week 7

Sunday, February 12th:


We decided to go to the evening church service on Sunday so we had a VERY lazy Sunday morning and it was glorious. BG was at her very own little "drive in" tv show. She's nuts.

Monday, February 13th:


I stayed up way too late making these Valentine's and cookies for BG's school party the next day, but I loved the way they turned out.

Tuesday, February 14th:


Checking our her stash from her party.

Wednesday, February 15th:


Visiting Daddy at work and checking out his way cool shades.

Thursday, February 16th:


Mr. P got BG this monkey for Valentine's Day and I got her this doll stroller. She has decided that they obviously go together. She pushes this poor monkey all over the house now.

Friday, February 17th:


BG's teacher sent me this picture of the girls on their morning walk. How excited does BG look?! Love it!

Saturday, February 18th:

I'm afraid I've started a bad tradition as the little one now seems to think this is a Target "tradition" and wants and ICEE the minute we walk in. However, it's a "tradition" that lets me wander the aisles aimlessly so it just may stick around.


Suze said...

So so cute! Where do you go to female dr? I'm looking to switch!

A.B. said...

I did this. With milk from the starbucks and a treat. Then g also thought it was "tradition." Then I decided I must stop that... then we went back to him refusing to sit in the cart and saying "up up up". I've always been a traditional type of girl.

Virginia Belle said...

It looks like y'all had a great week. I am so impressed by the Valentine's you made for her class. This picture of her on them is the cutest idea ever!

The Parkers said...

I know I say it every time I comment, but seriously Meg, she's the CUTEST thing ever!! Those cheeks!!! Love! Hope y'all have a great week! xoxo


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