Tuesday, March 6, 2012

23 months.

My sweet baby girl you are 23 months old! I cannot even fathom the fact that you will be two in one short month.

This past month you have really become less "baby" and way more "little girl". You speak in sentences most of the time and we have very few times where we are at a complete loss for what you're saying. You are very opinionated. And you want your opinion heard. Loudly.

You are so funny. And you know it. We hear "Ella's funny!" many, many times a day.

You are on a slight Princess kick. Of course you think most girls are Princesses (as they are) so we hear many people get that title through the day.

You love your baby dolls. You have such a sweet, nurturing spirit. You also love babies. You got so excited to meet MB this month and you talked about her for days.

You still have excellent manners. You say grace before meals, prayers before bedtime, thank you, bless you, and you're welcome. We're working on ma'am and sir now instead of "what?" when your name is called.

You still call us Mommy and Daddy but if you call us for too long and we don't answer, you will scream our actual names until you get our attention. Then you're sweet as pie again.

You still like to jump, run, and dance most of the day. You never sit still.

You are very loud and crazy at home but when you get around other kiddos, you take more of a backseat approach. If they want a toy you have, nine times out of ten you just give it to them. You are very laid back in those situations.

You love your school buddies. LOVE them. Us Moms actually just made sure you girls will stick together in class next year and y'all are going to love that.

You have zero interest in the potty. We actually went backwards on this but that's fine. Everything I've been told has said to let you lead the way so we shall do just that.

You are still an excellent sleeper and eater. A big Hallelujah for that.

You really like to color now.

You still really like to sing and will now just start singing by yourself. I love hearing your little voice sing "Tinkle Stars" and the "Bider song" over and over.


Height: 34 ish inches

Weight: 33 ish pounds

Sleep: still sleeping 13 or so hours at night with a one to two hour nap a day.

Foods: Faves haven't really changed. Will eat breakfast most mornings if the cartoons are on. You eat what we eat for lunch and dinner.

Teeth: No idea. I think we're still down an eye tooth. No second molars yet.

Clothes: 2T and 3T. You still have short legs so you can still wear 24 month pants. You did not get that long torso from me.

Favorite toys: Anything "Princess", baby dolls, your baby stroller, balls, purses, jewelry, coloring books, stickers, shoes.

I know this is a short monthly update but it's hard to update on everything you do child. Sometimes I forget how young you are because you are so independent. You want to go get everything for us, do everything yourself, and figure all things out on your own. You are a headstrong one child, but we wouldn't change you for the world.

One more month til you are two. How is that even possible??


Brown Girl said...

BG is looking more and more like her daddy, she's is so cute! :) 2 years old...that just doesn't seem right. Pretty sure she's taken after me, headstrong? Figuring things out on her own? Loud and crazy? YUP!

Lucy Marie said...

Love these updates. So hard to believe you'll have a 2 year old in a month .. and I won't be far behind you.

Angie said...

Almost 2 years old. Wow! Time flies! she is such a sweetie!

Belle on Heels said...

GAH I can remember reading your blog before she was born! And when you posted her sweet newborn pics. Where has the time gone?!?

LG said...

I can't believe she is knocking at the door of TWO! She seems so fun and sweet! Loved the update!


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