Saturday, March 31, 2012

these days.

I did a post once documenting what our days were like when BG was younger. It's kind of fun to go back and look at what we were doing then.

Or at least I think it would be. I have no idea where that post is to be honest.

But for nostalgia's sake, lets just pretend that I'll know where this post is in a few weeks and write down what our days our like with our almost two year old.

Most of you know that I work part time. Which is nice and all, but I still work most days. And BG still is supposed to be in school by 9 am on days that she goes there. So that means at least four days out of the week, she's at school all day. Sad panda.

But it works.

Our days are insane but we've managed to get a good little schedule down. It's only taken us about six months. No biggie.

Monday is an early day for me. I wake up at 5:30 am (the first time) to shower and get ready and have some "me" time before I get BG up at 6:30. Now the little one is not a morning person by any means. It is rare that she gets up on her own on school days. Usually it is only if she hears her Daddy getting ready or isn't feeling well that she'll be up early. So I get her up, get her changed, and then set her down with breakfast and cartoons while I get us ready to leave.

We leave the house by 7:30, drop her off, and then I'm at work by 8:00. Fun times.

I also get off early on Monday, around 3:30, so I pick her up early and we hit up the park or a store or something fun in the afternoon. Usually Mr. P works late on Mondays, but if not, we all eat dinner around 5:30/6 or so (we are OLD), followed by an evening walk, bath time for the little, and then bed about 7:30/8 or so.

The evenings are our time. We like that she goes to bed so early so we can get some decompression time at the end of the day. It works for us.

Wednesday and Thursday I let the little one sleep til about 8 or so, get up, get breakfast and then we leave to get her to school around 9. I come back to the house those days to finish getting ready then head to work til 5. I pick her up, we come home and play outside until dinner time.

Friday mornings are the same, but I work late Fridays, so Mr. P picks up BG. They usually are playing and watching tv when I come home on Friday nights.

I'm off on Tuesdays. Sometimes I let BG sleep til about 8 and then Mr. P takes her to school. These mornings are my mornings. I keep her at school as long as I need to get whatever I need to done. Sometimes I pick her up before lunch, sometimes around 3. Either way when I pick her up, we hit up the park, or go do some shopping, or just come back to the house to play.

Most of the time on Tuesdays, she plays hooky from school and stays home with me. We play, we shop, we do playdates on these days and we love it. It's by far my favorite day with her. Something about having that day with her just makes my week even though I have the whole weekend with her.

We sleep late Saturdays and Sundays (til about 8:30/9; don't hate me. I know I'm lucky!). Saturdays are errand days, park days, shopping days, toddler activity days, whatever we can find to get into. She still naps about lunchtime so I get computer time, cleaning time, or just me time for about two hours. Sundays we go to church around 11, have lunch out, then she naps while we nap, or watch tv or something.

Our days are full. There is always something going on. She's always got something at school, or Mr. P has something at work, or there's something going on at church. Some days I do not sit down until well after she goes to bed in the evening. Sometimes I'm so tired that I go to bed the minute she does. Some days our days are so busy that both she and I end up in tears as we rush, rush, rush around.

Fortunately I'm getting better at doing nothing at the times that is allowed. We're doing better at just hanging around the house some. We're getting better at enjoying our quiet time with books and tea parties.

Life with an almost two year old is busy. But I'm pretty sure it's about to get even busier soon!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I still love that she has so much baby chub, those arms are delicious :) And those little knees too. Adorable.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Enjoy those quiet moments! The truly will be the ones you remember.

Samantha said...

Busier soon??? You got something you want to tell us???

Tiff said...

I am glad you posted the schedule. Maybe now I can actually keep your days straight-- and not call you while you're working.

Those pictures are so, so Ella. Great job capturing them!

Lucy Marie said...

I like this post :) It's fun to see what you get up to during your week. I might copy you.

Lucy Marie said...

I like this post :) It's fun to see what you get up to during your week. I might copy you.


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