Thursday, March 29, 2012

what she says.

I have to admit; I was teensy bit terrified that Baby Girl's speech may be delayed because of her chronic ear infections. She started talking early, but at the time she should've been stringing together phrases and such, girlfriend was having hearing issues and they just weren't happening.

Her doc told me that there may be a delay but she would probably start picking things up pretty quickly after her tubes. Oh how quickly that did happen.

BG talks a lot now. A lot. Like a lot, a lot. I can't even actually list all of her phrases because there are so many. But, there are some oh so adorable things that she says these days that I can't get enough of. Here are some of those:

"No touchy bumbeebees": We have bumblebees hanging out in the flowers right by our front door at the moment. She loves them and thinks they are so cool so I had to give her the "don't touch" talk. Now when we walk out the front door, she says this and shakes her head and finger. It's so dang cute.

She adds "right 'der" to everything. As in, "see Mommy? See that doggie right 'der?". This usually gets repeated multiple times.

"Help Ella" is a new one. It's usually the predecessor to her doing something she isn't supposed to, as in "Help Ella Daddy!" as she tries to climb out of the high chair. Or let the dogs out of the house. No biggie.

"I get treat!" We're sorta kinda not really potty training at the minute. BG knows that if she goes to the potty on the potty she gets a treat. So she's taken to telling us she has to go, pretending, and then popping up saying "I get treat!". Only she doesn't. So that goes over well. The other day, she told Mr. P she had to go, so he set her on the potty and she promptly hopped up and said "I pee pee Daddy! I get treat!". Only she hadn't so he told her that she didn't get one til she went. So she sat back down, "tried" again and popped up saying the same thing. To which he replied the same. She promptly shut the lid on her potty, climbed on top, grabbed his face with her chubby little hands and said "Daddy. I get treat now". Not a spitfire at all huh?

"I don't like it" or "I don't want it" with an emphatic head shake. This was actually "I like it" or "I want it" with the head shake until this past week. She just picked up the don't.

She thinks adding "please" to the end of a request gets automatic approval. If she asks you something and you say no, she'll ask again with the sweetest little "peas" on the end. Somehow we are still able to say no...

She gets so excited over the littlest things and I love it. If she sees a Disney princess, it's all "PRINCESS!!" at the top of her lungs. Or "doggie!" or whatever she sees at that moment. This is sometimes combined with jumping up and down and squealing.

When we pull into work at Daddy's store, she starts squealing "Daddy!!!" quickly followed by "I get sucker!". Ha. The treat. Although Daddy can be a sucker and gives her an actual sucker way too often. Ahem...

I made the mistake of bringing her a sucker a few times from work and giving it to her for the ride how. She called it her "prize" (surprise). Now, she asks for a "prize" the minute she gets in the car. Fun huh? Way to start a great habit Mom.

When we leave school, she says bye to all her friends (by name, it takes forever to get out of there) and then when we get to the door, she turns and yells back "I see you tomorrow!". Melt my heart.

Every day in the car I hear "I tinkle stars" (I want Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star). Once you start singing, she switches "I ABC's!". Start that one "I spider song!". By this point she's laughing because she knows it makes me crazy to not finish one single song. She better be glad she's so dang cute.

We still get tons of "I love you's". I will never get tired of that.

Gosh. There's just so much. And as she gets closer and closer to turning two, I realize how much she has changed just in a very short amount of time. I can't even imagine how much more we'll get to hear over the years!



Andrea said...

oh she is so cute! I love hearing the things toddlers say. She actually seems pretty advanced to me in the words she says

A.B. said...

I love it. G loves to say, I heeyep mama. I hold it. I do it. I nigh nigh mama bed--meaning he wants to go to bed with me.

suckers? suckers are game changers. G also gets so excited he can't help but jump and spin in circles.

So cute. I can't imagine life any other way.

Crystal Seed said...

Oh My goodness! She's so cute! How old is she?! My daughter is 19 months, and I'm really hoping that she starts to talk more here soon...cuz right now, it's not that much. She said a few words, but she hasn't started with the putting words together to make phrases yet.

Tiffany said...

Awww! She is so cute! I'm so happy she is talking for you!

Lindsey said...

Meg- we went through the same thing with Julianna where we barely got sounds out of her until we had the tubes done- now girlfriend does NOT stop for beans!!! I can't even take the cuteness here by the way! Ella is just gorgeous! :)

Pamela said...

Each kid develops differently, so this is not an "I am stressed comment". Your daughter might have been delayed because of her ear problems, but my daughter is already 2 and not talking nearly as much. She does not say phrases,etc. She is developing very quickly and it is such a cute age! I love hearing each new word.

Brown Girl said...

I love BG, her little voice is so cute!!! Love her finger shaking, she means business.

Ashley said...

So cute!! I love her little voice! Cooper also shakes his chubby little finger while saying "no no" and it is so cute! BG's hair is looking super cute as well! I don't know if you had it cut that way, or if that's how her hair naturally grows, but it's adorable!

Lucy Marie said...

Oh my, my, my. She and Eva would get along so well. they have many of the same expressions, it seems. The little hand wag in the video is SO cute.

Eva's latest one is calling me (and other kids, and anyone else who is around) honey. Everything is "Thank you honey" and "There ya go honey"... :)

Amber said...

Ive always wondered the same thing about Morgan. It looks like her vocabulary really is great though.


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